Chinese Restaurant in International City Dubai

If you want to have an authentic Chinese cuisine visit International City Dubai, there are many outlets who serves Chinese food from casual dining to fast food type.

But there is one simple cafeteria whom my favorite to dine out every time I feel lazy to cook or if we are craving for Chinese foods.

You can see from the glass window, how do they had prepared your foods, somehow you will feel eating it comfortably:)

Their meals are tasty, and the serving portion is good enough for two people most especially their price is budget friendly.

We’ve been eating here since 2009 and saw how they survived despite the economic crisis, they maintained the price but not sacrificing the quality of food’s taste.

Their meal prices vary from AED 10-25 but the taste is satisfying.

And it is effective, maybe they have a little revenue but the number of persons patronizing them is many so they can cope up with the expenses. Anyways Chinese entrepreneur mentality is really like that which I really admire.

Their customers are not only Chinese neither Filipinos I saw some Europeans, Indians, and Arabs as well.

The funny thing lately is, this is supposed to be a Chinese restaurant but every night it is full pack with their Filipino customers and the Chinese are the one who doesn’t have space or need to wait for someone to finished. This is an indication that Filipinos loves to eat Chinese food since most of our cuisines are Chinese inspired.

Having my dinner here makes me feel I am at home somewhere in Binondo and not a Pinay Expat.

Ooops my introductions are too long, I am really a fan 🙂 before I forgot the restaurant name is;

Lanzhou Noodle Restaurant 

Phone:04 430 9308

Open @ 12:00–3:15PM, 6:30PM–12AM


This is my favorite, mixed fried rice + their chili oil

This is my favorite, mixed fried rice + their chili oil

My husband's favorite spicy pancit

My husband’s favorite spicy pancit

This is a typical cafeteria, don’t expect a good ambiance for relaxation while having your meal.
Chairs are not comfortable too, just focus on the food and enjoy it.

The bill 🙂 excluding the salad which is only AED5.00

We wish this restaurant to continue serving a lot of expat with their good foods with good price.

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