My weapons for negative and stressful working environment

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job!!!

These are the words I keep on telling to myself every time I feel stress at work due to a load of task and if sometimes the environment is getting tough and competitive. But I know these are all

part of the work, I don’t think so there is a job exist in this world not facing these issues.

It’s true that we can find the perfect job we would love and would like to keep, but we will never find a perfect working place ever due to some factors.

-the feeling of unfair treatment

-demanding managers

-few colleagues that sometimes are annoying

-unhealthy competitions & comparisons

Above are the reasons why some of us lessen our motivation to work hard with a pure heart, but we should act wisely and not let them affect us.

We cannot change them but we can do something to stay away from this negativity, the way how we handle and deal with these situations will make us stay focus and positive. Normally what I am

doing aside praying hard to maintain my lowliness, I am building my own world and trying hard as much as I can, to not feel nor hear their negative thoughts. It is not easy especially if someone

is always acting the perfect, know it all and the hero of the team, working for many years, proving ourselves is really tiring but if we know our worth and confident in our abilities we will not be

affected by those people so just enjoy working and do little things to enlighten our day.

My 2 closest friends at work are good in doing small and simple things to motivate themselves, one of it is having a cute and their favorite pieces on their working desk, so I got inspired from them.

—-My working place—-

Below are the simple decors I am keeping on my desk to adds positive feelings and to remind myself the real me when the situation gets tough.

—-I’ve been using this calculator since 2012, this was given by my brother when he got his first salary working here in Dubai, that year I was super addicted to Kitty items.


— Of course, a sugar lover like me, must have these in my drawer stock of sweeties in cute kitty box, so if I feel tired and my sugar level is dropping down, just a bite of it I would be back to my crazy normal attitude.

I know these things might look childish but please forgive me as these are the simple things that make me happy.

PS. my boss love’s borrowing my calculator every time we have a meeting.

—This is the newest additional item on my desk, a cute artificial flower:) Actually I wanted to have a real one but I am not sure if I can take care of it, I don’t really have a good thumb when it comes to taking care of plants & flower.

But it is fine, I only need 10 steps and I would be in this relaxing garden.

If the weather is fine, you can find me on that bench during my break, meditating and imagining good things about life.

So, if I am feeling a bit burn out I am simply walking out towards here, I will stay about 5 minutes to calm myself and done, back to work.

Time is so precious to deal things in a dramatic way just keep it easy.

How about you ladies, share me the simple things that make you happy and your secret of motivating yourself, I will be surely inspired from that.

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