Secret to a happy married life

I never felt I am beautiful till I met my husband

My husband is not just my partner, he is my best friend.

Today is just one of my normal days, the first day of work after the enjoyable day off. During the first day, it is normal that you will feel a little laziness. I never think that this tiring day would be a special day of reminiscing and appreciating my husband. While having our lunch one of my officemates asks me a question that makes me pause for a second.

My colleague asks me if I am a jealous type of wife. I stop for a while and tell her directly that I am not sure. She asks me why I am not sure?

The reason why I never get jealous.

Because my husband never gave reasons to be jealous ever since. From the day he courted me he made me feel beautiful and precious. He gave me assurance that I will be his forever and one and only. That’s why I’m not sure if I am a jealous type of wife or my husband is just too good. Actually, I really don’t know why he got crazy over me.

I believe in the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Each one of us has our definition of beauty. Some prefer a mestiza look while I prefer a tanned complexion. In my life, I never felt that I am beautiful until I met my husband. I am not saying this to compliment him. Instead, I just want to share with those ladies waiting for their dream man to be patient. And the person who will truly love them will come unexpectedly.

From day one we’ve met each other, both of us have seen all our shortcomings. There is no chance for us to hide our true personality. I’ve met him through common friends, we were very casual with one another. Both of us see each other as a snobbish and undesirable person because of our differences. But eventually, after hanging out with the same group of friends we realize that we are not that bad.

Till he asked me if he can court me, my husband courted me in a very traditional way. He is visiting me at our flat and bringing fruits and snacks, he is very patient with me at that time. I have an issue of confusion about myself  I am not sure if I am ready to love again. Sounds funny, as if we were in a telenovela. But seriously, that is how our love story starts.

Why I was confused? simply because I forgot what is the feeling of being in love. I was not into any relationship of more than three years when he courted me.
This young girl flew to Dubai with broken hearts and I never imagined that I will meet here the person who will love me truly and would accept my craziness.

I already convinced myself that I will grow old alone, I told myself that I need to save up to buy my small house for my retirement while taking care of couple of cats, I know you might think I am exaggerating my situation, but these are really my thoughts and feelings back then.

Despite this feeling, of course, there is part of me that I want to be with someone who loves me and I love, but I am afraid.

When he finally asked me if I can be his girlfriend, I was unsure but I said Yes. After a while I got confuse why I didn’t feel any romantic excitement, I want to love again, I want to marry but why I didn’t feel any love spark after I said yes.

What happened next? the following day, I sent him an email apologizing that we need to broke up as I was not sure about my feelings and I don’t want to look unfair to him.

But he is really persistent, he told me that I am just worrying and he suggests to just continue our relationship. He promised that he will love me and never hurt me so I agreed and continue whatever we had started. It is like we are in an official relationship but we will take time to know each other deeper.

I was crazy doing that thing, what if he just agreed for parting way, maybe I not this happy in my life. In love and contented.

I didn’t only found a husband in him but a real best friend who is always on my side, supporting me in anything that I want, discouraging me if he knows my decisions might not be right, comforting me when my hormonal imbalance strikes and makes me feel – hey cheer up everything will be alright!!!

husband best friend

Our Relationship grows stronger in Dubai

Our relationship looks perfect but in reality, it is not. Both of us are imperfect humans who accept each other imperfections. We chose to love and embrace our weakness, that actually makes us feel that our bond is perfect.

For all ladies having the same negative thoughts back then, be positive, you never know how you will meet your true love.

I never imagine that I would be having a happy married life because of all those heartaches I’ve been through before.

But my husband is such a blessing for generously helping me to realize that there is a hidden gem in me. He makes me feel that I am beautiful.

We’ve been together for almost 6 years now, but it seems nothing changes in the way he looks at me and the way he treats me like a princess.

I am not exaggerating the story but if you will get to know us personally, you will see what I mean, most of our friends know how my husband and I treat each other nicely. we are not just a couple but best friends.

P.S. While typing this blog he asks me why I am smiling. I simply said nothing, and don’t mind me. And his reaction was, oh you are just getting crazy again!

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