Dinner date on a budget @ Ikea Food Court Dubai

Feel lazy to cook for dinner tonight and I want to take a walk for a while. But I don’t like to spend much. Since we are on diet and we agreed to lessen our expenses starting this year as we are preparing for a big project for our future, my hubby & I are trying hard to apply the principle of practicality in all types of expenses. Normally, we are just cooking at home but I’m not really in the mood to cook so I invited him for a budget dinner tonight.

Ikea food court is the good option for me, for the cost of AED38.00, we enjoyed our light dinner with a decent ambiance.

We had a chicken sandwich with salad, meatballs with mashed potato, Arabic bread, unlimited soda & cappuccino with cinnamon roll for our dessert.

Bon appétit!!


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