Meet my hungry spoiled cat

Simon gives me stress but at the same, my stress reliever, looks conflict but that’s how our relationship like.

I am stress every time he poops and pees in any part of the house, we don’t know why he never learns to do it in one specific area no matter how much we trained him.

He is with us for almost 5 years, we adopted him from one British family who has a lot of cats and can’t afford to have an additional one.

We named him SIMON (pronounced as see-mon) after we watched Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

He is a playful cat and broke a lot of our stuff, but you know cats, they have their ways for us to find them cute and funny even though sometimes they are a home wrecker.

Though I am stress with him,  but when he rolled around and look at me with his rounded eyes and wants a cuddle I tend to forget his goofiness.

Below his video when he is starving and we don’t have yet his food.

He loves being center of the attention

He is always a drama cat

This is the 3rd printer we have after we adopted him (he already broke 2)

                                          He is actually complaining about his foods, he doesn’t like to eat the left over, he wants new!!

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