Do not be friendly with sales staff they might offer you something irresistible (Furla Stacy)

If you had read my previous blog you will understand why I am so happy with my new purchase, I am bag fanatic & sad to say a bit addict.

Recently I got incentives from my boss 🙂 yippee hard works payoffs more projects sir! Actually, I don’t have any intention to buy a new bag at all, I am fighting this temptation and I really want to save this year.

But, when I was in Mall of the Emirates last week just roaming around as I don’t want to go home yet. I passed by to Furla store, I constantly visiting their website as I like how colorful their bags are, I like some of their design too but I never had one from this brand.

So, while checking the items one Filipina sales staff approached me and asked me if I am looking for a particular bag, I said I’m fine just checking around but I don’t have any intention to buy for the moment. I was thinking that she will not assist me as I told her frankly that I will not buy, but she is just naturally a sales person and very helpful.

She didn’t make me feel unimportant customer like other sales staff, since she is not busy that time we had the chance to talk and share some stories about life in Dubai etc, then suddenly she asked me If I really want to buy the Stacy bucket bag as I checked it many times, I said I like the design but it is a bit expensive and I don’t have any budget yet for it. She told me that they have few stocks during the last season sale, but they are not displaying it anymore as there is no sale period for this month. I asked shyly If I can check it? she took it from their storage and my reaction is OMG, this is the bag and the exact color I am always checking on their website.

I joked with her, Sis you are making me nervous 🙂 how much is it, the original price is AED1385.00 roughly around $379 but they are selling it now for AED544.00 / $149. I asked her If she can reserve it for me as I need to ask permission from my husband (submissive wife 🙂 )

She said they cannot reserve but since I look honest and serious buyer she will keep it for one week. After one-week Baby Stacy is finally mine.

My husband said, I am always the drama princess why do I need to wait for 1 week to buy it, I am the one who is doing our budget so I know if I can buy it or not. I told him that I want to think it first if I really want it, I am practicing that principle now in all my purchases this is an advice from a good book I read about “how to spend wisely” It seems I only applied the to think first part but I forgot to apply the do not buy the unnecessary one” sorry I think I need more practice 🙂

I know ladies understand me 🙂

Warning: do not be friendly with sales staff they might offer you something irresistible(lol)


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