Do not be friendly with sales staff they might offer you something irresistible (Furla Stacy)

My first ever Furla Bag – Furla Stacy in Hot Pink

If you had read my previous blog you will understand why I am so happy with my new purchase. I am such a bag fanatic in some ways.

Recently, my hard work for past months pays off. So happy to receive incentives from our boss, thank you sir and more project to come!

I don’t have any plans for that extra cash but just to put on our savings. To buy a bag is never an intention, I am working hard on my self-control for being an impulse buyer.

Then temptation came 

One day, when I was not yet in the mood going home early I found myself roaming around the Mall of the Emirates.

Heading back at the parking area I passed by with the bright store of Furla. It was a tempting store from outside, seems they are saying “come on in and check all our colorful beautiful bags, you will not regret it”

I am so familiar with this brand, as I am constantly checking their website, with curiosity I entered. Wow, their bags are prettier and tempting seeing it on hand.

While checking the items, one Filipina Sales executive approaches me. She askes me if I am looking for a particular design. I honestly told her that I am not on a plan to buy, I just want to check around.

With my answer, I thought that she will stop assisting me since I told her frankly I am not buying. She must be good in cold reading, she never stops and just entertained me well.

In my few minutes at that store, I never felt unimportant customer, she didn’t make me feel that way.

It is almost past 9, customers are starting to leave and she was no longer busy. We had a chance to have a little chit chat about life in Dubai, struggles, and some stories.

Out of the blues, she askes me;  out of the designs what attracts me most? I said I really like the Stacy Bucket bag, that is actually the item I was checking and trying on many times.  The colors available at that time are red, black, and brown.

However, it is not yet the right timing for me as it is not on sale season.  To spend AED 1385 is a big no and no way at that time.

She told me that they have few pieces left on their stock room during the last season sale. However, it is not on display as there is no sale period for that month. I shyly ask if she can show me, she places around 5 pieces of items with a dust bag. When I opened one my reaction was Ohh wow, this is the exact color I am always checking on their website.


I jokingly told her “Sis you are making me a little nervous, how much is the sale price?  and surprisingly the tag says only AED544.00.

Without hesitation, I asked if she can reserve it for me please, I just need to ask permission from my husband (submissive wife)

As per the store policy reservation is not possible, but since I look honest and sincere she will keep it for me for one week.

After one week – Baby Stacy is finally mine


My husband’s reaction was, I am such a drama princess, why do I need to wait for one week to buy it. Since I am the one doing our budget for sure I know if can buy it or not. 

Well, that is not reason instead, I want to think first if I really want that bag, I want to practice the principle I read from the book of “how to spend wisely”

The rule from that book is to think hundred of times before buying the things you think you love. Wait a few days if your feelings of having it are the same as the first time you saw it.

That is what I did, but I forgot the other principle of do not buy unnecessary one, I need to practice more

The Stacy Furla Bag

This Furla bag comes with a satin dust bag, how to handle cards, and paper bags. They also include a magazine, showcasing all the Furla iconic designs.

Furla Bag

Bag interior is in leather grayish color and comes with a slim long pouch.

It is very spacious and can fit everything you need.

I know ladies that you understands me well 🙂

Do you love Stacy Bag, show me if you have one.

Warning: do not be friendly with sales staff they might offer you something irresistible(lol)


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