When Dubai Based PinayExpat Meets The Prince of Kuwait (part 5)

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Jhong and Anji haven’t spoken for few days due to their misunderstanding, Anji tried to reach out to him, thankfully they had settled it, though they continued their relationship something has been changed.

One day, Anji received a call from her father, her dad informed her that he will be going for vacation and planning to have few days stop over in Dubai and he wants her to meet his friend.

I’m coming in Dubai with my good friend Dave, he is one of our chef in cruise, he is almost the same age of yours, he is a good guy and really close to me I am seeing him as a son.

Ohhh, ok dad let me know when will be the date so I can file a short leave.

Her dad’s vacation finally confirmed, Anji informed Jhong that they cannot meet for the weekend as his dad is coming. Jhong is expecting Anji to invite him, he waited for few days if she will have the initiative to do it when it seems it will not happen, he asked her if he will not introduce him to his father.

   Of course, I will, but not this coming weekend Jhong, dad wants us to spend a quality time you know it been years the last time we saw each, anyways he will be here for a week so there is still chance to meet him.

OK then, Jhong replied.

Finally, Anji and her dad meet again together with Dave, they had lunch and Anji tour them around. They visited most of the must visit places in Dubai. Dave had fun spending it with a new found friend. Dave’s vacation is only for 3 days, after the quick trip, he went home to his home country, Austria.

They became a good chat mate, the communications are regularly and they both seem are enjoying each other company. For Dave, it seems he knows Anji already for a long time because of all the good stories that Anji’s father shared with him and same thing with Anji.

Anji fulfilled her promise to Jhong, she introduced him to her father. They spend it with a dinner and ended the night with a coffee, her father is professional, he treated Jhong nicely and proper without a trait of disapproval.

When the time her dad is flying to Manila, he told Anji to take care, he loves her and doesn’t disappoint him, Anji got the meaning of the message.

Anji’s relationship with Jhong is still on the go, but sadly her communications with Dave is continuously, but this time it is getting intimate and deeper, she told it to Kay, but Kay is a bit upset with her and never want to put her nose on Anji’s personal matter.

Finally, Anji and Dave became a couple, her father & mother are so happy for her, though they are aware as well of Anji’s relationship with Jhong. But, Dave doesn’t have any idea at all.

Few months passed Dave informed Anji her plan of visiting her in Dubai, while on the other side Anji is still in relation with Jhong. Anji love’s Jhong but she sees bright future with Dave and her parents are in favor with him. she is confused on what to do.

Jhong continues taking care of Anji, her hand’s problem seems to get worse but the doctor couldn’t find any diagnostic for it. They said they need to do few more test, Anji families are aware as well on her situations.

Finally, Dave arrived in Dubai, he will be having a 10 days vacation this time at least they will have more time to know each other better. Dave seems serious with Anji.

Anji informed Kay that Dave is in town and she will be seeing him, she is thinking that this time she will do her best to have a firm decision if she will feel and see that she can learn to love Dave he will be fixing her relationship with Jhong as she is feeling guilty now.

Kay just agrees with Anji.

Dave enjoyed his 10 days vacation in Dubai, he really likes Anji and he told her that he really loves her and willing to marry her. They will talk soon on what will be the next plan to their relationship. He wants Anji to study their language so in case for future it would be easy for her to go to Austria.

Anji loves the idea and she is convincing herself that this the right thing to do.

After few days, Anji noticed that Jhong is getting cold on her, he is not calling her anymore and when she is trying to reach out seems Jhong is avoiding her when she insisted for meet up she was shocked that Jhong shouted on her;

 I don’t want to see your face ever, you are a big regret and wrong decision I made in my life.

What did I do Jhong, can we talk, please?

 Enough Anji, I am tired and mad I don’t know what I can do with you If I will see your face! and he closed the line.

Anji cried a lot thinking hard what did she do that makes Jhong so mad at her, she feels hurt as this is the first time Jhong talked to her like that. The following day she was late to her work it is an almost half day when she arrives, Kay asked her.

What happened? are you sick?

Anji suddenly cried and informed Kay on what happened to Jhong, what do you think seems the reason, Kay?

Kay paused for a while and consciously asked Anji, have you already told him about Dave?

No, not yet

So if not, why did you posted your photo with Dave on the Facebook, maybe that is the reason!

Anji, asked Kay with a shaky voice, what do you mean photos?

 I saw last night that you posted your photo with Dave and Dave event post a comment and said he enjoyed his vacation in Dubai.

What!? and you did not even inform me that photo is in public? Anji questioned Kay with an angry voice.

This time, Kay loose her temper with Anji, are you out of your mind, how I am supposed to know that you are such an idiot to post that photo thinking your friends will not see it?

I kept it private and only Dave will see it……. Anji’s voice lower down, she rechecked her Facebook account and she was very sad the whole day.

Now, she doesn’t have any choice but just to continue her relationship with Dave and this time only him alone. She never had a chance to talked to Jhong since then, Kay and her talked sincerely and she apologized to Kay on the way she talked to her.

Days passed, Anji is getting better and recovering from her heart aches for what happened to her relationship with Jhong, yeah after what she had done she feels hurt as well.

 I know I was wrong Kay, I feel guilty about Jhong I hope he is fine and will be OK maybe there is someone better for him.

Anji’s hand’s problem strikes again but this time it is extremely serious. She cannot move it and the color is totally changed if before was only half of the palm, this time both of are numb and totally pale. Kay accompanied her to a doctor and they found out that she might be suffering from Reynaud’s disease.

The doctor informed her the additional test to be done and what precautions she needs to do.

Anji was so worried…

 Part 06The End

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