When Dubai Based PinayExpat Meets The Prince of Kuwait (part 4)

Continuation of,

Skype call didn’t take long as Anji’s not comfortable with the situations….

After few days Jhong asked Anji,

How was your conversation with your mom, does she have any comment about me? do you think it is fine with her our relationship?

I think it is fine Jhong… Anji replied with a timid voice.

Few weeks had passed, Anji has the chance to talk with her mom again, but this time without Jhong’s presence.

Your dad, me, and your grandma are so disappointed with you Anji. This is not what we expect from you, we have a lot of dreams and plans, your father and I didn’t work so hard to send you to a very expensive school just to end up like this!!!

 Mom, I hope you will understand, Jhong is a great guy I loved him and he loves me.

I already spoke to your father & grandma they don’t like him, and I will repeat again they are so disappointed with you. We thought you are an intelligent person and ambitious lady but what happened, you will just end up with a Filipino guy working in…… working in housekeeping department?


Mom, Jhong is working hard and he is not a normal housekeeper he is a supervisor from their team, this is just his stepping stone to fulfill his dream to work in international cruise ship like dad.

And what makes you think it would be easy for him to achieve that? what if not? what will happen to your future? do you understand what I feel, I thought you are a good role model to your younger siblings.

Mom, please listen, Jhong studied hard from his own, his parents died since he was in early high school, he works hard with the help of his siblings to finish his college, he is a bachelor’s degree as well, but for now, he needs his job to fulfill his dream further.

How about our plans? your plans? to migrate in other country do you think it will ever happen if you will end up with Jhong? I thought you prefer to marry a foreigner guy or if not if it’s a Filipino at least choose someone way better…. no matter what your explanations are Anji, I don’t care and I don’t accept it at all. But it is up to you if he is more important than your parents’ opinion do whatever you want but don’t expect any support from us !!!

And the line was cut….

Anji is very stressed and definitely, she doesn’t have any courage to tell this to Jhong, he knows he will be hurt. She is stress on her personal problem and very tired from her work too due to busy season. Again her problem with her hands strikes again, this time she notices that aside from being numb the color is changing into violet like bruise…. she is so worried and revisited the doctor.

I missed you, it’s been 1 week we didn’t see each other, are you still busy at work?

No Jhong, I am just feeling sick lately, I promise on weekend I will see you Anji replied.

Anji is a good lady but weak when it comes to her parents, she is afraid to their opinions. She grew up always following her parent’s wants and to please them, she doesn’t have any courage to stand from her decisions, she is always conscious that if ever she will fail on her choice her parents will slap that on her.

Kay, I don’t know what to do… do you think mom is right?

Well, I don’t know your parents Anji, I don’t know why they are thinking this way. It is hard to comment in this kind of situation, you cannot do anything about Jhong but to accept him, the decisions are up to you. But I am wondering if you don’t mind? do you think there is no chance at all for them to like Jhong? he is a good guy, maybe you need time.

 Sadly Ate Kay but no… before I went to Dubai someone is courting me but mom doesn’t like him. My parents want me to marry someone not just better but a rich man, who will not like that? I also like it, I never experience in my life to think how will I survive in my daily needs, as I told you before I just worked here to gain experience and to easily find better work in another country.

 I don’t understand Anji, you are educated lady, you came from a middle-class family, you graduated from a very well known university in our country, but the way you talked to me right now I am sorry, but I can’t see any traits of that. What is the point of sending you to a good school and they will rely on your success and better future in finding a rich man?

 That would be the easiest & fastest way Ate Kay, my father would retire very soon as he is getting older and we couldn’t maintain our family’s lifestyle from mom’s pharmaceutical business alone, I still have 3 siblings who are still studying. My relatives abroad can help us but not to totally support us. Somehow, I want to be sure that I can support them when that time comes, when they call and need something I want to be sure I can send them instantly whatever they need, If they want to buy expensive things, I want to give them without waiting for the next salary, that kind of lifestyle are my parents expecting from me to provide them.

Kay looked at Anji sadly and a bit disappointed, she realized that she doesn’t know her yet despite a few years of friendship, and she is wondering why did Anji turned down Martin if her parents want her to marry a foreign guy.

Jhong I am sorry, but I think I need to tell you the truth about my parents’ opinion and I hope you will understand it.

What about it Anji, tell me.

They think you are not capable enough to build a family, because of your status in life. I love you and I want to stand for our relationship, but do you think there is any way for you to change your career path?

What do you mean to change?

To move to another work with a more decent job that my parents would accept?

Jhong looked at her sarcastically, are you serious? are we in telenovela Anji? what do you think of my job, what do your parents think of my job? I work so hard in my life to maintain my dignity having a job that can support my other siblings and provide them a good life too, but you and your family see it as unacceptable one? Is this the reason why I feel they are not interested in me?

Jhong please don’t go………..

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