Philippines Bee in Dubai

The national bee of the Philippines is conquering Dubai. It was my first time to visit their Deira branch last night, the location is very ideal, a lot of Pinoys residing in that area surely enjoy having Bee closed to them.

I remembered during my first month in Dubai, I was craving for Jolly spaghetti & regular yum, so I searched the net if there is any branch here. It directed me to Satwa, I was happy seeing Jollibee statue and ordered my meal. I noticed that packaging are different but I didn’t imagine that the taste would be totally different too.  I had no idea that, it is not real Jollibee, they fooled me it is only a replica of my love bee 🙂 I knew that time I would definitely miss this food chain.

So, every time I have a friend going for vacation and asking what I want from the Philippines, my always request is regular yum, I am really a fan of Jollibee ever since.

A lot of expats including me, for sure wished that Jollibee would open a branch in Dubai. Our wish is granted, not only one but a total of 4 stores now so far are giving a simple happiness to us and satisfying our cravings.

Though the tastes are not 100% same compared from the Philippines but at least closed to that.

I enjoyed my 2 pcs chicken joy with rice and Pepsi float last night, I would like to add a burger steak but no more space in my tummy 🙂 As expected feels like I am in Manila the place is fully packed of Pinoys enjoying their dinner.

The only reasons now, why we are missing our home country is because of our love ones, but not much on the food’s side it seems most of our favorites back home are getting accessible around the corner.

Thanks to Jollibee and wish you for more success!  

Branch so far; Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman, Al Ghurrair Deira



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