Celebrating my 10th Year in Dubai (Roaming Dubai Mall)

Many years ago before the digital became hit in this world I am always a fan of photos. Yes, a real and printed photos.

For me, pictures are really worth collecting and perfect display accent at each house. Why? it doesn’t only reminds you of the places you’ve been but most especially the stories behind it.

Despite my love for pictures, striking a good pose is always challenging for me. I am always shy and unconfident for a picture taking.

However, despite my shyness, I can give a relax and comfortable pose when the photographer is my hubby.

And as part of my 10th year anniversary in Dubai, I asked hubby to take a few shots of me.  I would like to remember this moment not just from my mind but with good photos souvenirs as well.

Like what I mentioned in my previous blog this tenth year is really an achievement for me. Not because of anything but I am just happy that I survive in this city. This place is such special for hubby and me for many reasons. Our love story begins and grows here. Aside from it, we surpassed a lot of trials together in this city. From those trials, we can say that it helps us to be a better person.

Would like to share you guys some of the photos we had last July 14, 2018.

The Famous Big Indoor Aquarium

such a classic design

Working hard while having fun is Dubai:)

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