Family Getaway Resort Tagaytay feels like home while on vacation

Definitely, everyone deserves a relaxing weekend after tiring days either at work, school or even from life.

Despite this economic situation where all prices go up and seem that even a short vacation is not practical anymore. Still, everyone deserves to rest and unwind!

No matter what the situations are we should have a short break. This will help us to energize and meditate to bring back our positivity.

Don’t worry guys there are still a lot of beautiful places which offers a reasonable price. It just requires you to patiently search for it. You can find them either on social media or a blog post like this 🙂

If you are living somewhere Manila or nearby that want to relax but unable to travel far. I have a good suggested mini resort for your entire family or either group of friends to enjoy.

Situated near Tagaytay proper you will have a chance to have blast with exclusivity.

Exclusively? Indeed. The price that normally cost for two persons staying in hotels in Tagaytay can treat a bunch of people.

That would be possible in this residential home turns to be a mini resort. This place is an ideal hideaway if you want to stay near Tagaytay on a budget.

With bunches of trees, you will really feel being close to nature. Aside from that the ambiance and homey feeling is so relaxing and calming good to rejuvenate your tired mind.

The resort has a total of two accommodation type to choose from. It is either the main house which has 2 bedrooms or the cute modern cabana.

The Main House

  • Each room has two king-sized bed and extra mattress to accommodate a big group.
  • Spacious living room on the ground floor where you can use the television set.
  • Another living room area on the second floor near the bedrooms. An ideal space where you can enjoy hanging out with easy access on the balcony overlooking the pool.
  • Dining area.
  • Complete kitchen facilities


Dining Area


The Cabana

A full glass modern cabana

  • A modern like “kubo” house which is open space design good for “barkada package”
  • You can go with this option if you prefer an airconditioned room.

This mini resort is really an ideal venue for all. With their affordable rate, you can enjoy your stay using their other facilities without any additional cost such as:

Mini Pool

  • They may have a small swimming pool but this is fine if you are just after relaxation and bonding.
  • You will definitely enjoy lounging in the pool as it is perfectly located in the middle of a beautiful garden.


  • A Pinoy party is incomplete without it. Everyone knows we love and enjoy singing so you will definitely have fun with this facility.
  • The videoke is located outdoor and has a curfew of till which time you may use.
  • A better outdoor spot as well to set your meal in a more casual way.


  • Adult or Kids would surely enjoy playing this in-demand game.

Fish Spa

  • Your feet deserve a spa once in a while and why not try this one.


I am thankful that my family had the chance to stay in this relaxing getaway resort during my last vacation.

A guaranteed vacation place that offers a good price without sacrificing the guest’s comfort.

Do you want to book your next holiday with them? please feel free to send me the inquiry to put you through to the team for a better rate.


Or if you are looking for any place to stay in Tagaytay you may click the below link for options.

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