Quezon City to Bicol

Fuel Cost from Quezon City to Bicol Province 2023

Fuel cost from Quezon City to Bicol Province

I’ve been planning for so long my road trip going to province of Bicol and finally I just did it.

This is not my first step in Bicol since this is my husband’s root, however driving here is my first ever.

A lot of factors that hindrances me to pursue this road trip, aside from the many scary stories I’ve heard that the road is not so safe, the fuel consumption cost is also one of the thing I considered a lot.

Quezon City to Bicol

But for the love of driving and to answer my long time curiosity of; How much the fuel cost from Quezon City to Bicol Province” nothing can stop me now.

This is also a chance to visit our small piece of land in the province to start visualizing our maybe retirement home in the future.

To measure the exact distance my driving point starts at Rizal province – boundary of Batasan Quezon City.

We left our house exactly 3:30am, our goal is to reach Bicol before sunset.

Are you wondering which vehicle we used? it is our second hand Kia Rio 2001 (1.6 L) this is her first ever long drive as well.

At first I was doubting if she can make the stiffed road of Bitukang Manok / Tulak Manok, but wow Fiona you really impress mama!

Fuel cost from quezon city to bicol

Fuel cost from Quezon City to Bicol Province

Before this trip I was thinking that the one way fuel cost would be around Php4,000, happy to know it was just Php 2500 based on (Php57.00/liter Unleaded Regular – there is still some extra that we used driving around my husband’s town) You will save a lot comparing to take a public transportation especialy if you are travelling with a group.

From Quezon City we used the South Luzon express way exit to Sto Tomas Laguna and the fee was Php319.00, so the total one way cost including the toll fee is Php2,819

Our road trip experience was smooth and safe,once you enter the vicinity of Quezon Province you will enjoy driving with beautiful sceneries either forestry or beaches.

If only we have enough time we would really love to have stop over in Quezon National Forest Park Atimonan, you can enjoy the thousand trees and relaxing natural ambiance.

zigzag roadIf you are also planning for your long drive experience to Bicol Region, just do it, it is really an enjoyable one!



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