Gallstones Surgery Cost at San Mateo Medical Center

Gallstones Surgery Cost at San Medical Center ( Life Update 2023)

It’s been a while the last time I posted an article here in my blog due to several reasons.

I ended the year of 2022 with so much fun, a relaxing trip at Benguet Province and bonding at Tagaytay with my spiritual family – Those are such an amazing memories to treasure.

However, life is not always about a happy and sweet one, different trials and problems will always be part of our lives no matter who you are or what you are in life. The start of my 2023 is not that a good one due to my husband got diagnose of having gallstones that is need to remove as soon as possible. Thankfully he has a health card that will cover huge part of the bill so we decided to have his surgery quickly. Unexpectedly, I never though that the total bill will reach this certain amount. After deducting the Health card and PhilHealth coverage will still have to pay an extra amount. You are right, getting sick is really expensive nowadays and will burn our pockets. Thankfully we manage to settle it peacefully.            fl studio mac crack quicken activation code

Hospital near Marikina and Quezon City

I am sharing this blog to give you an idea how much we’ve spent with the surgery specifically here in Rizal Province; for in case you are residing here and looking for hospital that do the LapChole procedures you will have a bit of the cost idea.

We booked the operation with San Mateo Medical Center; despite we knew that this hospital is expensive we don’t have a choice as my husband suffers with unbearable stomach pain and this is the nearest hospital from us. Practically, it was better as it is easier for me to stay with him and do other important errands if I have chance to do. Due to the severe pain, his doctor advises us to stay in the hospital 3 days before his surgery to give his body enough treatment and preparations.

As usual first aid treaments were done for the first three days; nurses gave him some medications to lessen the pain, and remind us to only take soft diet meal. Doctor is particular with that to ensure nothing will trigger and caused him to have severe pain and swollen of gallbladder.

Welcome Kit

The day of surgery finally came, exactly 5 pm they brought him to the operating room. It last for about 2 hours, I got a call before 8 pm that operation was done and successfull.

Were so thankful, first to Jehovah God, and to the doctor who assisted us, family and friends who strengthen us during this sad day.

Though LapChole is costly than the traditional operation, we chose this option as it has a lot of benefits especially for the swift healing recovery period. It is indeed easier and fast, 1 and half day after the operation we are good to go.

Experience with San Mateo Medical Center

Our experience with the San Mateo Medical Center was alrighy, especially with the doctors.

The only thing that I am not confident is the pharmacy bill, since the prices are not itemized. Everyday the amount added are expensive. I am not sure though if maybe that is really how hospital systems works.


Our final bill was PHP 239,650.03 (approximately $4,287.62) part of it was covered by the HMO and Philhealth benefits, while the Php 55,000 came from our own pocket.

I am not sure though if this would be same cost if the payment is personal account not through HMO.

The room

Here is the private room, sorry for the mess

The facilities, cleanliness and food are good. As expected there are some staff that are approachable, and professional while others are just there doing their job.

Companion’s bed.

View from the room

San Mateo Medical Center Contact Details

in case you are interested to have your medical treatment from San Mateo Medical Center here is their number. (02 8539 1400)

Make sure to inquire first about the cost of their services, ask them to give you a ballpark-figure before deciding with your treatment as their service is expensive comparing to other hospital, so you can prepare well your finances.

As todate, 2 months already passed and my husband condition is very well. He is back to his regular routine and can already do some of his heavy construction job

Thanks for dropping by here in my blog, always stay safe, healthy and positive!




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