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Note: Below are the list of Hospitals and Clinics in San Mateo Rizal. This is made to help you search in easier way the medical firm you need. Our team is doing the best to keep it updated time to time, if you have any input or note please feel free to message us at /

San Mateo Hospitals and Clinics

Hospital / Clinic Name Address Contact # Location Map
CCMM Animal Bite Center 305 Manahan St, San Mateo 0956 012 3019 Click here


Clinica Cristi-Cataluña (Surgical Center) Clinica Cristi Y. Cataluna, 76 Gen. Luna Street, Corner Miguel Crysti Street, Guitnang Bayan 1, 02 7971 1510 Click here
Community Check Up Clinic 275A, Kambal Commercial Bldg, Kambal Rd, Guitnang Bayan 1 02 7959 7246 Click here
Dermcare SM City San Mateo, Gen. Luna Ave, Ampid 1 0925 546 5657 Click here
Dionisio Optical Clinic 152 Gen. Luna Ave, Ampid 1 02 8400 0791 Click here
Espejo Pediatric Clinic Saint Raymund Clinic, General Luna Street, Corner de los Santos Street, San Mateo, Ampid I 02 8298 7411 Click here
Francyn Multi-Specialty Clinic M.H. Del Pilar St, San Mateo Click here
HJR Lung Care Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center Gen. Luna Ave, San Mateo

02 8986 9189

Click here
Imelda del Castillo Alcantara Dental Clinic Block 6 Lot 21, General Luna Avenue, Ampid 1 02 8404 5763 Click here
Jasm Physical Therapy Clinic 50 Delos Santos St, Ampid 1 Click here
My Doctors 1st Floor, 317 Gen. Luna Ave, St, San Mateo 02 8343 6366 Click here
Orbit Diagnostic and Laboratory Clinic 2nd Floor, #28 J. P. Rizal St, San Mateo 02 8334 9926 Click here

Padre Pio Maternity and Medical Hospital Inc.

Gen. Luna Ave, San Mateo 02 8656 3476 Click here
Pedia & Adult Clinic 99 Gen. Luna Ave Click here
Pedia & Adult Medical Clinic & Diagnostic Center St John, San Mateo
Princess Dental Clinic St Mathew Collage Parking Entrance, Gen. Luna Ave 0920 247 0248 Click here
San Antonio Laboratory Clinic 136 C Gen. Luna Ave, Ampid 1 02 8297 0244 Click here
San Mateo Doctors Hospital Gen. Luna Ave, San Mateo Click here
San Mateo Medical Center  100 Gen. Luna Ave, Ampid 1 Click here
Seamed Medical Clinic 10 Gen. Luna Ave, Guintang Bayan 2, San Mateo, 02 8948 4701 Click here
St. John of the Cross Laboratory Clinic 262 Gen. Luna Ave, San Mateo 02 8941 5611 Click here
St. Mattheus Hospital Gen. Luna St., Brgy. Banaba,, J. P. Rizal Street 02 8941 9575 Click here
St. Timothy Family Clinic 82 M.H. Del Pilar St, San Mateo 02 7225 8678 Click here
St. Jude Thaddeus Maternity And Medical Clinic Remeddie BLDG, 325 M.H. Del Pilar St, Guitnang Bayan I 02 8267 9362 Click here
Sta. Clara Medical & Maternity Clinic  75 Gen. Luna Ave, Click here
Super Health Center San Mateo GSIS Rd, San Mateo Click here
The Medical City Clinic SM City San Mateo SM City San Mateo, Gen. Luna Ave, Ampid 1 02 8656 0154 Click here



San Mateo Hospitals

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