Guide and Tips in Buying a Motorcycle in the Philippines

Guide and Tips in Buying a Motorcycle in the Philippines

Jeepneys used to be the Philippines King of the road, but now, motorcycles seem to take over this title.

Noticeably, whether in the city or the province tons of motorcycle or scooters runs in the road through day and night

According to data, there are more than 15 million riders in the entire country. Wow! the number of users of this tiny vehicle increases up rapidly. No wonder that I find them like flying in front of me every time I am in my car seat. Honestly, sometimes it looks so annoying and irritating.

Though riding a motorcycle looks so scary, people chose to have this tiny vehicle as their private ride because of some benefits.

Why many Filipino chose Buying a Motorcycle instead of other vehicles.

  • With the heavy traffic, the few kilometers away will always take an hour if using a normal vehicle. While using a motorcycle will save a lot of time.
  • Cost-efficient is another main factor. The fuel cost you will spend on a motorcycle is cheaper than using even an economy car or taking public transportation.
  • In terms of the price cost, it is obvious that motorcycle offers more affordability than other vehicles.
  • Buying a motorcycle is easy even for average earners as there are many promotions available in the market. With a minimal down payment, or sometimes zero down payment, you can drive home your new motorcycle.

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  • And additionally, a motorcycle is low maintenance compare to any car.
  • Sideline potential (ex. delivery services)

Tips in your buying preparation

There are different ways of buying a motorcycle. It is either by installment or cash payment, new or second-hand units.

Regardless of how do you want to buy your motorcycle, it is necessary to do the below.

  • Set your budget, as much as possible the monthly dues should not risk your budget for the necessities.
  • Research a good offer. You can inquire through the dealership’s Facebook page or by vising the actual shop. In my case, I got a better deal when I visit the shop personally. Dealing with the agent live has an impact to have a favorable deal. By doing this, you need to make a lot of effort and devote time.
  • Don’t buy in the first shop you check, or else you might miss the better offer from a different store. I got mine at the 3rd store I visited. Believe it or not, I save a total amount of Php 3,000 with the same model and same inclusions.

  • If you are not comfortable with the agent assisting you, feel free to choose who you want to assists you with or change the shop. I’ve experienced different kind of sales staff with this transaction, some are incompetent and doesn’t care if I have some concerns. You can feel that they don’t care whether you buy or not. I believe in the Sales industry it is best to buy in those agents who deserve and value you as their customer. Hard workers deserve a good sale!

Once you are done with the above and already decided where and to whom you would buy, the next procedures are below (for cash payment)

  • Reconfirm with the agent if the motorcycle you chose already has the PNP clearance. It is better if the unit has the PNP clearance, or else you need to wait for few days before you can finalize buying your chosen unit.
  • Double-check with the agent if the package cost includes the registration process. Accordingly, the motor shop will be processing this on the buyer’s behalf. But you need to check if the registration cost is including already or you have to add an extra amount.
  • Prepare a photocopy of your licenses, the shop will require it for the registration processing.
  • If you are paying in full cash, the unit must be issued on the same day.
  • Before finalizing the payment, ensure to ask all the questions you need to ask. About the registration, warranty, and maintenance included.
  • The agent will brief you about the new restrictions since the registration will only be ready approximately a month after the payment date. For example; as per my agent, I can only use the motorcycle maximum of seven days after payment if I will be driving it out of my city. Then I need to wait till the readiness of the registration, as the LTO is very strict and don’t allow driving the new unit without the OR/CR
  • The 02 sets of keys will be handover to you if cash payment (if through a loan, only one key will be given)

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Additional Note:

  • If you decide to go for motorcycle loan provision, try to recalculate. The installment cost might look affordable, but in the long run, it will double the price. Maybe you can find other ways instead of taking a loan.
  • Buy a unit brand that easy to sell in case, you have changes in your plan.

  • Consider a motorcycle that is a friendly user for different delivery sideline opportunities.
  • As much as possible and if you can, better to buy a brand new one. There are lots of bad reviews about the second-hand motorcycle.

I hope the above help you guys, and safe driving!


This post is not sponsored, and not promoting the specific brand above.

The purpose of this article is just to share you where I bought our first motorcycles and the steps we did

Our first ever scooter



steps in buying a second hand car


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