Ilocos Windmill alternative at Pilila Rizal

We went straightly to Pilila Rizal after our fun and refreshing day at Daranak Falls. Hubby and I would like to see the latest craze about this town before returning back to UAE. It is none other than the WindMill of Rizal.

Both of us actually don’t know the way going there. We gave the wheels control to my ever reliable papa dear who is such a good driver.

I haven’t got any chance to explore Rizal Province despite my family is living here for almost ten years. And this time I ensure not to miss the chance.

During the drive, our eyes do enjoy a lot the simple but beautiful view of this humble town.

The drive takes about 20 minutes from Tanay. My two nephews excitedly pinpoint to me when they finally saw that big electric fan according to them.

The place is perfect for someone who adores natural sightseeing like us. This is an ideal spot for people residing in NCR and just want to quickly unwind during the weekend.

For those who would like to visit Ilocos province to see their Windmill. But the budget is still not enough Windmill Pilila is a good alternative for now. Addition to the nice windmill view you will mesmerize on the Laguna de Bay view.

Windmill project details are posted in the visitor center.

A reasonable price of some souvenirs is available as well in the center. A lot of choices to choose from such as a keychain, ref magnet and miniatures of windmills.

The original plan is to stay until sunset but looks not a nice idea due to gloomy weather.

We left the place around 4:30 pm and just decided to drop by TayTay bazaar. Along the way down from the windmill hills we found this coconut vendor and had our quick refreshment.

buko and saging

looks like a giant foot 🙂

If you would be visiting the Windmill or Daranak Falls I suggest dropping by as well at Taytay garments bazaar.

I do enjoy my thrift shopping spree with cute dresses at more than half price compared to mall prices.

Garment Capital at TayTay Rizal

Be careful driving in Rizal as these jeepneys (Patok) are known for driving rudely fast.

Thanks for visiting my site 🙂

Windmill Video

Next stop Tagaytay        


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