Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness: Depression, never say these

Mental Health Awareness Month, Depression – never say these words

Before ending the month of October I told myself, I need to write an article about Mental Health. This is important for me to support Mental Health Awareness Month.

I am not a psychologist, psychiatrists, or professional that will discuss this topic in depth. Rather, all my thoughts are base on my personal experience.

Depression word is sometimes misunderstood by many people who are not fully aware of how serious this health problem is.

People have many misconceptions about this issue, many believe that Depression is a choice of an individual, or this is only in the mind. Or this can be controlled easily just by relaxing or meditating.

They are always connecting depression in simple sadness that can be overcome in a matter of days.

If that is how easy to cure this, no lives will be wasted, no one will choose to end their sufferings because of this health condition.

But unfortunately, this sickness is complex, totally hard to understand.

As per the medical explanation, the clinical depression has something to do about the hormonal imbalance.

If you are not a medical professional and will dig deeper into how depression happens, which hormones are affecting the body to depress it looks like you are only wasting your energy.

Accept that a Chef cannot do mechanical work

Doing that can compare to a Chef without any knowledge of a car engine but trying to fix it. That would be challenging or impossible for him to do compare to his profession.

In the end, he will just give up trying to solve the things that he is not knowledgeable about.

Maybe you would think about how can you help your friend or family with depression if you would not understand the above.

And you might consider that you need to study or learn further details of the root of depression. However, knowing the deeper reasons for depression is not the key to help them.

Understanding below is enough for you to act quickly and carefully show love for them.

  • Depression is not a joke, this is not only in the mind or choice
  • This is sickness, a serious deadly sickness
  • Disregarding this may mean life

If you would just open your mind, accept the above, and remove the thoughts that Depression is only a “made-up disease”, you can show your support in a simple but meaningful way.

I am not the one personally suffering from depression, but I can say that I can relate to these issues well.

For years I am with my best friend, half flesh fighting with this traitor sickness.

His case starts with a panic attack after he collapses from outdoor heavy work. Uncontrollably, the panic attack leads to depression.

The moment we found it out, we didn’t easily accept the doctor’s diagnoses. We never thought that an independent, young, and strong person can have depression.

What could be the reason? we didn’t know, we can’t understand.

All we know back then was, depression sickness shook our newly happy married life.

It drained not only our pocket but most important is our emotions. We were lost and don’t know what to do.

Looking back, I couldn’t think how I dealt with it.

I am not the type of person who is good at comforting. I don’t have many pieces of words to encourage him to fight.

Through prayers, opening my eyes, and listening to practical advice of those people who are in the same situation helped me a lot.

How you can help your spouse/friends or anyone suffering from Depression? 

Don’t be ignorant, instead have mental health awareness

You don’t have to say you understand them, you need to let them feel it.

Telling them “I understand you” never help unless you are in the same boat. The exact feeling of a person with depression cannot be understood if you have never been had the same illness.

The best you can do is just accept him/her the way they are. No questions and No why.

Give the moment of silence they need

A person suffering from depression is moody sometimes. But they are good at hiding their emotions, be an observer and sensitive to them.
At the moment they need time to be alone, just let them be. Don’t force them to go out, or aim them to share their thoughts or feelings with you. Convincing them more might just add pressure.


Helping doesn’t always in form of words, letting them speak freely without judgment or any side comment will help.

They appreciate more your listening support than any words.

Don’t try hard of giving words of encouragement

Talking too much or trying so hard in thinking the best word of wisdom might not help in some cases. The simple words of “You can do it, Be Positive or It will pass” might sounds negatively to them, so better to be careful.

You aim to help, you wouldn’t want your intention to add burden instead of refreshment.

Assurance that you are there no matter what happens.

This is hard, I actually don’t know how to explain in words how you can let him/her feel this assurance.

Each individual with depression is aware that one day their friends or even family will leave them because of their situation.

That is why I feel this is something hard to explain. But still, you can do this, by letting them feel love and showing kindness.

I asked my husband about this question, he just told me he is not really sure. But through the years he spent this fight beside me, it gives him assurance I am here for him.

He said a word of someone cannot guarantee him that person will not leave him or stick till the end.

If you have any good and clear explanation about how to show this, please share with us.


All I know is, showing true love might give assurance.

I hope even in simple way the above tips can help all out there who have a loved one suffering this matter.

Let us all support mental health awareness in our community. It can save lives!


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