My husband and I battle with depression

Depression never imagines in my life that I will know deeply the meaning of this word.

Is there any person in the world you think never felt so sad and hopeless in their life? for sure not a normal person like that exists in this world.

Having negative emotions and feelings of extreme sadness is normal as we are living in a stressful world.

Every person faces different trials and problems in their everyday life that test their strength. Some are fortunate that their circle understands them.

However, there is one kind of sadness that is totally hard to understand nor define. A sadness that only the person who suffers the same situation can explain it. You might already know what situation I am talking about, its the disease that normally ignores. None other than the Depression.

Actually there is nothing wrong to feel sad especially if one person is in bad situations, difficulties in life. But, if you are losing your control over your emotions and the depression feeling taking over you that is different. If the depressions already ruining your life this is something serious that one should look into.

Depression is a sensitive topic and many misinterpret the issue incline with it. But, this is something we cannot just ignore.

Everyone should view this matter as a disease that needs a cure. The feeling of having depression is a real burden to its victim. This sickness can make a person disable in the sense that they can’t control their life anymore.

They look physically fine, but lame in all aspect of life. They feel their life purpose is meaningless, accepting that they don’t have the same ability to do things like before is really hard.

Like what I’ve said, the only person who can actually explain this matter is the person who actually suffers it. Though I don’t have depression I can say I am one of those people who can little explain it.

I am suffering the effect of this sickness through the person who is very dear to me. My best friend, and mostly my half flesh, Yes my husband.

Actually this website’s ideas are the result of his depression. At first, I was hesitant to share our story as we know only a few people would understand us. But we don’t care anymore. We’ve been in this situation for many years, our heart and mind seem immune hearing some harsh comments from others.

I decided to share our story on this site as I know many people are suffering from the same situation. Maybe some sad souls will drop by and realize that they’re not alone.

My husband and I are on this journey for four years now, we are trying our best to beat it. I would like those people whose partner having depression to be inspired, remain positive that they can overcome this. Especially our fellow OFW who are suffering the same problems. My husband’s doctor told us that he has a few Filipino patients who stop their treatment for different reasons. Such as denial, financial capabilities, no family support and the common is they are not open in discussing this issue.

Our Story

Anyways, I would like to give you a highlight first about my husband, and our life before depression tests us. Like many things in this world, depression has a start, reasons for why it happens.

Hubby and I met through our common friends. He is the ideal guy that many girls would be proud of introducing to their parents. He is responsible, independent, with big ambition and stability in life.

However his attitude the time I met him is not that super good person. His attitude is the typical Filipino men, arrogant but gentleman.

Knowing him for the first time, many would misinterpret him as he is frank, straight, and a bit snobbish. But once you get to know him further you will realize there is something about this guy. Fun to talk to, a guy that has a lot of sense, ideas that you can talk about anything the whole day.

He is supportive and caring for his family, especially to his mother. I know he will be a great husband and father someday.

And I was right, his marriage proposal is another proof that he is a responsible man.

During our wedding

We are very proud of ourselves during our wedding day,  we treat it as the fruit of hard work. We chose to have a simple, ideal and practical wedding as we don’t want to ask any financial support from our parents. Not because we are ungrateful to them, instead we want both of our parents to be proud of their kids who grow responsibly and independently. The only support we want from our parents is their love.


marriage before Husband depression

It was like a fairy tale, the part of, and they live happily ever after

During the first 2 years of our marriage, everything is calm, smooth, and so perfect. We are busy with our life, exploring the UAE together, spending our weekends at the hotel buying things that we love even though we don’t need.

husband depression

One time, when we are walking at the mall happily I joke on him that our marriage is like a fairy tale. ” and they live happily ever after part”

But of course, we are not in the fairy tale, far from our imagination the problem who will test our marriage bond, love, promise, and faith is just on its way. Never had an idea the simple call I received from an unknown number on the year 2013 Ramadan season in UAE will be the hint of big changes in our lives.

It was a lazy day for me when I got that call, a shaky and tense voice says. We brought your husband to hospital as he collapsed.

continuation of husband’s depression battle


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