My husband and I battle with depression

Have you ever experience the feeling of sadness, gloomy and hopeless?

For sure, many would say that they do. It looks normal if one would experience this negative emotion as we are living in this stressful world.

In every day of our life, all of us are facing different trials and problem that test our strength. We are fortunate if the people surround us can understand us.

But, there is one kind of sadness that only few can understand, only those person who suffers the same situations can explain it, what am I talking about? it is a disease that our population normally ignore and misinterpreted none other than the Depression.

There is nothing wrong to feel depressed especially if one person is in bad situations and facing difficulties in life. But, if you are losing your control on your emotions and the depression feeling is ruining your normal life this is something serious that one should look into.

Everyone should view this matter as a disease that needs a cure, this feeling is a real burden to the victim. Depression can make a person disable in a sense that the patient looks normal physically but lame in other aspects as they lose their ability to do the things that they do before.

Like what I said, I believe that only people who suffer this kind of health conditions can write an article about it.

So how come I am doing this? No guys, I am not the depressed one instead, the person who is very dear to me, my half flesh, Yes my husband.

Actually, this website and blog site ideas are the result of his depression. At first, I was hesitant to share our story as we know only a few people would understand us, but we don’t care, we’ve been in this situations for many years and we are already immune in hearing some harsh comments from others.

Instead, I am writing our story and journey of our 4 years battle in beating this disease to share to those who are suffering in the same problem to inspire them to fight and be positive, especially to our fellow Filipino expats. The doctor told us that he has few Filipino patients, some continue their treatment but most of them stop because of few reasons such as;

denial, financial, no support from family and not open to discussing this issue.

Anyways, I would like to give you a highlight first about my husband and our life before his depression strikes, how it happens and why.

We’ve met through common friends, He is the is the ideal guy that anyone would be proud of introducing to her parents, he is responsible, independent, focus and stable in life.

I fell for his typical Pinoy attitude,  arrogant but gentleman guy. At first, you will misinterpret him as he is frank and look snobbish but once you get to know him further, you will realize that there is something with this guy, he is fun to talk to all the topic we are discussing are full of sense I really enjoy talking to him the whole day.

He is supportive to his family and caring, especially to his mother.  I think he will be a great husband and father someday.

And I was right, his marriage proposal is another proof that he is a responsible man.

We consider our wedding day is a fruit of our hard works and money. We chose to have a simple, ideal and practical wedding and not to ask any financial support from our parents. Not because we are ungrateful to them instead we want them to be proud that their kids are independent. The only support we need from them is their love.

During the first 2 years of our marriage, everything is calm, smooth and perfect. We are busy with our life, exploring UAE together, spending our weekends at hotel buying things that we love even though we don’t need.

We even joke one time and said our marriage is like a fairy tale, “and they lived happily ever after part”.

But of course we are not in the fairy tale, far from our imagination the problem who will test our marriage bond, love, promises, and faith are on the way.

It was a good morning during Summer / Ramadan season 2013, I was lying in my bed felt lazy to go to work I received a call from unknown number, we brought your husband to the hospital as he collapsed.


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