Coloring books are not just for kids but for adults too

It was a fun Friday for me yesterday, it is our off after a tiring working week.

We felt, that the first week of the working days after Eid holiday is so slow and all the people are still in holiday mode.

Anyways, despite this gloomy feelings, I need to get up and do my chores. I just wanted to share my activity during my off.

Nothing special, aside from the few stuff I bought from Daiso. After doing my groceries and paying few bills, I went to Daiso store to buy cork board then I found the below;

Coloring book

I’ve been wanting to try this for a¬†long time, but I couldn’t find cheaper options before, all the books I found ranges from AED39-60 / piece.

I couldn’t spend that much as I am not sure if I would have time to do this and if I will like it.

One more thing, when I found coloring books item in Mall of the Emirates, I was with a common friend and she makes comments when I am checking the coloring book section.

She said “adult coloring book? who invented this in this generation, real adults don’t have time to do this stuff a total waste of time and money!”

I felt shy to myself, I was thinking if she is right and I am a dumb ūüôā

But then, when I found the cheaper option in Daiso shop I couldn’t resist and decided to give it a try.

coloring book

—basic design is AED7.00 and the most expensive is AED14.00—

I chose only the basic and easiest design as a startup, I don’t want to go for complicated patterns.

For sure, it will take me a year before finishing these two sets.

pencil color, cork board, coloring book

—stuff I bought, 2 coloring books, cork board and pencil color—

Upon reaching home, I placed the cork board in my mini office section in our room, exactly in front of me when I am facing the screen monitor.

—I will be posting all the reminders for myself in here, such as upcoming bill payment, menu for the week etc. and if there are any ideas popped in my head whether, for my work or blog related, I will be posting it here so it will help to remind me the things that I need to do–

Then, I prepared our afternoon snack, coffee and these 3 favorite flavors from Krispy cream while doing my first coloring project.

At first, It seems I forgot how to hold a color pencil, my husband is teasing me.

Then gradually, I am getting used to it.

Since I so love a cat, I chose the below design.

I think, it takes me around 45 minutes finishing my first Obra, and this is the final result, hubby said,

It is nice, your artwork is lovely but let’s keep it a secret and don’t show anyone.¬†

But I am proud and want to show you my creation (just kidding)

I realized that coloring books are not just for kids anymore, adults can enjoy this too as therapy and a cheaper mind relaxation.

It was fun doing it, I enjoy the challenge of choosing the color without the “delete button” and most especially my eyes got relaxed being away from the¬†computer, tablet in few minutes.

Give it a try too guys.

(banner photo; credit to owner)

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