Coloring books are not just for kids but for adults too

Adult coloring books, total waste of time and money!

It was a fun Friday for me yesterday, it is our day off after a tiring working week.

After the Eid Holidays, our team felt a little laziness at work. We felt that days are moving slow, it seems we are still in holiday mode.

Anyway, despite these gloomy feelings, I need to get up and do my chores. And I would take this chance to share with you my activities during the day off.

Nothing special, aside from the few stuff I bought from the Daiso store. I went to Daiso after completing all the list from my grocery reminder and paying a few bills. My plan was to buy a cork-board, then I saw the below.

Coloring book

I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time, but I couldn’t find cheaper options then. All the adult coloring books I found range is from AED 39-60 per piece.

I wouldn’t spend that amount on this book, as I am not sure yet if I would really have time to do this, and if I will like this.

One more thing, when I found a coloring book item in the Mall of the Emirates, I was with a common friend, she gives a comment when I was checking the coloring book section.

She said “adult coloring book? who invented this in this generation, real adults don’t have time to do this stuff, it just a total waste of time and money!

I felt shy to myself, I was thinking if she is right and I am a fool.

But then, when I found the cheaper option in the Daiso shop I couldn’t resist and decided to give it a try.

The basic design is AED7.00 and the most expensive is AED14.00

Adult coloring books

I chose only the easiest design as a startup, I don’t want to start with complicated patterns.

Surely, it will take me a year before finishing these two sets.

Adult coloring books good for the mind

—stuff I bought, 2 coloring books, corkboard and pencil colors—

Upon reaching home, I put the corkboard in my mini office section in our room. Exactly in front of me when I am facing the screen monitor.

I will be posting all the reminders for myself here, such as upcoming payment for the bill, our menu for the whole week etc. This board is best as well to put all the ideas that might pop from my head, whether for my work or blogs. Posting those ideas inboard, and in front of me when in mini office will serve as a reminder on what are the tasks I need to do.

Then, I prepared our afternoon snack, coffee, and these 3 favorite flavors from Krispy cream while doing my first coloring project.

At first, it seems I already forgot how to hold a pencil color, my husband was teasing me.

Gradually, I remember how the proper stroke should be.

Since I do love cats so much and find them so cute, I chose the below design.

Adult coloring books cat design

I think, it takes me around 45 minutes to finish my first Obra. And this is the final result, hubby said,

It is nice, your artwork is lovely but let’s keep it secret and do not show anyone.  I was wondering what does he really mean 🙂

But I am proud of it and want to show you my creation (just kidding)


I realized that coloring books are not just for kids anymore. Adults can enjoy this too as therapy and a cheaper mind relaxation.

I had fun doing it, I enjoy the challenge of choosing the color without the “delete button” like from the digital apps. And most especially even for a while, my eyes had a chance to relax from the computer, tablet in a few minutes.

If you are looking for a new hobby for fun and a little break try to do coloring once in a while. It will help your mind have peace even a short time in some ways.

(banner photo; credit to owner)

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