IBN Battuta The Instagrammable Mall

Dubai has a lot of interesting places to explore with from beaches, parks, and commonly are malls.

If you are new in this city and planning your weekend activity without breaking your budget, IBN Battuta Mall is an ideal place to travel over.

You will definitely enjoy roaming around in this mall because of its ambiance and different beauty of each court.

The mall has a division up to six courts such as Tunisia, Egypt. Persia. India. China. and Andalusia. If you will give attention to its interior you will see that each of them has a different theme.

Because of their unique and beautiful artwork, many visitors consider IBN Mall as one of the picturesque.

Shopping while learning history and culture are the things we can expect from this mall. Bonus to it would be your perfect photo background.


Carrefour is the supermarket available after replacing the Geant. As expected this grocery shop is always full as they have a lot of good offers.

Nothing to worry about your food budget as a lot of affordable food chains are available in the food court.

With this beautiful design, you will truly enjoy the sip of your coffee.            

Enjoy your visit 🙂

For further mall information you can visit their website >>>>>>>>>

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