The Palm Fountain Dubai, The world’s largest fountain,

The Palm Fountain Dubai, the largest fountain

In addition to many of Dubai’s gem, The Palm Fountain now holds the Guinness title of the world’s largest fountain!

The Palm Fountain spectacular

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Just recently, October 22, 2020, Emiratis and all UAE residents are surely proud to bag once again this big honor.

According to Dubai’s leaders, this fountain is an example of another milestone in their architectural achievements.

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You can see The Palm Fountain at The Pointe in Dubai’s waterfront Palm Jumeirah area.

The Palm Fountain

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It measures a whopping 7,327 m². Spans over 14,000 ft² of seawater and equipped with shooters capable of blasting water 105 meters into the air. 

This new attraction will surely help Dubai boost its tourism industry and surpass the more than 16 million visitors last year.

It has over 3,000 LED Lights. It is the only multicolor fountain design with color and brightness controls in Dubai. 

The residents can enjoy visiting this attraction all year round.

The fountain has a three-minute dancing water show running every 30 minutes from sunset to midnight.

Guinness World Title 

The Palm Fountain night view




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