Japanese Food Trip on a budget – Philippines

Japanese Food – is one of the best cuisines in the world according to a CNN survey.

They are actually in the top 10, for sure many would agree that the survey is true.

Filipino is one of the nationalities that have a big love for Japanese cuisines. In fact, there are many Japanese restaurants available in the country from fast food, street food, even luxury restaurants.

This is not a surprise at all, as Japanese food is very similar to Filipino dishes. Their rice meal pair with beef, chicken, pork, or fish really suit the Filipino palate.

And that is actually one of my favorite Japanese meal concepts. The rice in a bowl is so practical, simple yet satisfying meal.

I think it was in the first week of April when hubby and I had our Japanese food trip. Due to this pandemic, we have many plans that have been on hold, and we are not even sure if we can still fulfill them. One of them is visiting Japan not just to explore their places but to enjoy their great food. Since that is impossible for now, we just decided one day to treat ourselves to Japanese Meals for lunch and dinner. A cheaper way to feel that you are traveling!

These are what we got;

Lunch at Torimomo Robinsons Place Manila

Level 1, Pedro Gil Wing, Robinsons Place Ermita, Manila

Japanese Food rice bowl

Japanese Food miso soup

We had enjoyed our lunch at Torimomo, the food taste is really great though the amount of food serving is not what I was expecting. I was assuming that since it is a rice bowl, the serving would be a little bit heavier. Aside from that, we love it overall!

Early Dinner at Marugame Udon 

Ground Floor SM City Cubao

Japanese Food noodles

Japanese Food cheesedog and rice

From Torimomo to Marugame, though both are casual dining restaurants it will give you a different ambiance. Marugame is a more casual vibe since it is a self-order concept. Be watchful on your order as the side dishes are all tempting. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the two more side dishes we had. We didn’t even manage to eat it all as the above are more than enough. We were so full!

Wow a superb day for us, all these foods are less than one thousand pesos. Good enough if you just want to treat yourself to a nice Japanese meal that is not super expensive.

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