Owning, Renting or just take public transportation? What is best for me

Being an adult is not that hard, but to be a responsible one that is something that will never happen in a snap. Practice, determination, and discipline are essentials to be a Responsible Adult.

One of the factors that an adult like me need to be discipline about is paying what is due for Caesar. In simple word follow and pay what the government required me to pay.

Just recently , I’ve done my part in paying my yearly car registration and insurance.

In reality, I guess no individual are excited to pay this part. That was a huge amount of money!

Seeing that penny coming out from our pocket is heart breaking.

There are a lot of things we can use that money, or to add on our savings. But that is the life reality, and we have to follow that law and rules wherever we are.

Thinking of it, other people and even myself questioning myself if owning a car in the UAE is worth it? or waste? Is it better and cheaper to take public transportation?

Well, the answer to that question definitely vary depends on that person need.

In this topic, I will be sharing you my thoughts based on my experience.

It was in the year 2013 when I finally decided to apply for a driving license. Aside from driving my own car was my childhood dream my situation in Dubai really requires me to have my own transportation.

That time I was working in Deira and living in Alquoz, the cheapest means of transportation are combination of bus and train. Sadly the area I am residing doesn’t have much bus route to train station so I normally opt to take a taxi. Then an almost 30 minutes train travel to my work area. My monthly transportation expenses that time was AED 800.00 excluding my weekend travel.

Aside from that huge amount, the time I am spending in daily travel took so much of my precious time. Plus the stress and struggle I was facing in crowded train station was really tiring.

After weighing things and brain storming with my husband, we thought that getting a car is a good option for me. So I decided to apply for a driving license, I failed from the first try and finally passed on the second one. Total amount I spent for license was AED 7000.00

The second step, we applied for a car loan. We decided to go for a basic car option and most affordable monthly installment.

I must say it was good choice for us both in financial and time management aspects.

Below are some of the figures I am convinced that owning a car is favorable for us. Than in renting or using a public transportation

(Approximate expenses in 5 years based on my car, consumption and maintenance)

Still there are some positive & downside whatever choices you will choose on the above options;

Owning car:

  • My car is still in perfect condition and 100% can be use for the coming number of years
  • I am flexible in choosing an area to rent an apartment, so far we are living in one of the cheapest parts of Emirates
  • I am free like a bird to go wherever and whenever I want.
  • If in case there is problem in the car I will bear the charges.

Renting a Car:

  • Hassle free. In case you face a car problem the rent a car company is just a call away to fix it.
  • There is no return of investment at all, your monthly car rent is just a normal expense, the car will never be yours.
  • You are free like a bird a well but with a specific kilometer travel span. In case of any excess in an allowable kilometer, you need to pay extra on top of the monthly rental fee.

Using a Public Transportation:

  • I love the feeling of riding the train, to have a few minutes of time to enjoy listening to my favorite music saved on my phone.
  • Sometimes I can read my favorite E-book
  • If given a chance a 5 minutes discreet snap is possible.
  • And what I love most, the responsibility for other people’ life is not in my hand unlike when you are driving you to need to be super, extra, extremely careful not only for your self but for the other drivers, pedestrians and your passenger.
  • But still, in my lifestyle, choosing to take public transportation means giving up my independence. In a sense that my choices will be limited. (ex. apartment area to rent, time of going home etc)

But still decision is up to you guys, the above cost and information are all based on my experience and preference.
















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