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Key to be a wise shopper and save 75% off – Philippines

Price differences are all over, be a wise shopper, and save 75% off!

Research, Patience, and Calmness These are the keys to your success buying in the Philippines. As the standard pricing seems not to practice here. This is my observation in just a few months of staying after working abroad for many years.

I don’t want to compare but sometimes comparison is unavoidable because of the many scenarios I experienced. The price differences are all over, from the market, shops, and even in repairing services. Prices are ups and downs, it seems there are no rules, and always depend on the staff’s mood.

A few of the simple price differences I experienced are;

1×1 ID Picture

Sounds funny but this is real when hubby had his photo for BPI bank opening account.

The shop nearby has a big sign that they have photo services, we ask for the price. The salesman shows us their offer and different promotions. Wow, six pieces of 1×1 photo are only Php 55.00, we found it cheap so we go for it.

Just ten steps away, one photoshop has a better rate, and it is their regular price. Do you know how much it is?  With the same quality, quantity, and dimensions it is only Php 25.00

Hubby and I are laughing hard on why we didn’t see it. Ohh our Php 30.00 are gone.

Car parts prices

The second-hand car we bought has a few parts that we need to change. Finding a reasonable parts price was a struggle, each shop has a different price even of the same brand.

We even sent an inquiry directly to the car dealership but their price is also higher than the market cost. The ending was, we search from the Facebook group and gladly found one.

Car maintenance

Before we feel satisfied with our car conditions we brought it with different car maintenance shops. It is the same story, different prices applied with the same services. Thankfully my father always accompanying us. He has the patience to keep on checking each shop until we get a reasonable cost.

House maintenance

One of our room windows needs to be cut to fit the aircon. We look around from different glass cutters and the highest price we got was Php1500.00 just to cut it. As expected my father will not go for it, after a few shops we check on, finally, we got the best offer. You will not believe the difference;  it is 75% lower. We got it for Php 350.00


Every 300 meters there is a different gas station, each of them has their own prices. I am not sure if it’s normal, but now we are familiar with which station we need to avoid as they have a higher rate.

And as usual food prices from the wet market always vary.


I am not overacting,  I know this practice exists many years back. I just need to be used to this system again and learn to be patient in hopping each store to get the best price.

That was my shopping attitude before going abroad. But since the place, I stayed in for a decade respect the standard pricing I thought the Philippines business owners are also doing it now.

My tip for everyone, especially for my co- OFW who just got home and adjusting their life again, don’t buy quickly from the first store you approach from. If you have time to safely roam around do it and you can save a good amount. In this challenging situation, we need to be a wise shopper!

Online shopping through Lazada or Shoppee is ideal as well for shopping. Aside from the convenience shopping while at home,  you can also see the actual price on-site and can do the comparison. With this, you can definitely save cash.

Thanks for dropping by.

Be a wise shopper and Happy wise shopping everyone!


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