Philippines Internet Connection makes me cry and hopeless

Philippines internet connection makes me cry


I am forcing myself now to be back online after my emotional breakdown last night. I was crying and feeling so down because our internet connection at home was so bad.

Sound shallow right? some may say that hey girl it is just an internet! there are many people now suffering more than your problem.

It might be true, my problem may not be a problem at all for some or unreasonable.

But the internet is the only sword I know so far to continue my battle.


My career of more than a decade evolves sitting in front of the computer. Wherein, the internet is its life, without it, I will be idle at my workstation.

COVID Pandemic had a huge bad effect on the industry I work for many years abroad. Because of that, I do not have a choice but to face the reality of starting back my life here in the Philippines. Staying overseas in this situation looks so risky for me. Aside from safety reasons, my financial stability is another factor why I opt to stay here for now. Surviving abroad without work is extremely hard for OFW like me.

I am thankful that I am finally at home, safe, and comfortable with my family. However, deep inside I feel so sad and questioning why starting again is hard.

There was one time that I was thinking:

How I wish I have extra skills like other people I knew, some are very talented in making simple business to be a successful one. While others are so creative in producing their business idea, like selling their homemade items from sweets, meals, and all kinds of food to sell.

I have reached a point that I am questioning myself on why I am not good at anything? Why my skills never get better.

There are lots of thoughts, that are playing in my mind day and night. I know I am just stressed out as this is the longest time I am not working at all.

During the first stage of job hunting online I was so positive. But every time I am receiving a not good response about the speed capacity of my internet connection I am feeling down


Philippines Internet Connection

I was applying for the position of a virtual assistant job or research and data entry specialist. The first step was easy and looks promising. I even passed for the assessment, but when they required me to submit a screenshot of my internet speed requirement they never reply or simply said I did not pass. The same thing happened to my husband’s application.

Because of that, I am losing my motivation to land on a home-based job. I decided to stop for a while now in applying till we have our PLDT line connection back. This issue with PLDT is pending for almost 2 months now. While my globe prepaid connection back up is not enough to qualify to be a Virtual Assistant.

Want to raise your complaint with PLDT? here is their complaint board

Without a job for months is so frustrating, I feel that my brains are not functioning well now. I cannot stay longer being idle, I felt being lazy doing nothing at home. Thankfully, I have a Pinayexpat website, this has been my strength, every time I am feeling a brain freeze.

My blogging is not just a hobby, I am valuing this as well. For years I am earning a little amount from my AdSense and a small fee from those who like to advertise to my website. This adds to my frustration as for the past days our globe internet connection is getting slower and the worst, even a little article could not be uploaded.

That is the reason why I cried last night. From 09:00 am this morning I am trying to post an article but not loading at all. I waited till midnight, I am thinking that speed will be better compared to the day time, unfortunately, there is no improvement.

Hubby just saw me crying hard in front of my laptop, looks so tired, and losing hope.

Philippines Internet connection frustrating

photo credit: freepik (for illustrative purposes only)

I do not know who we should blame why our country’s internet stability is always an issue. Like everyone else, I am wishing that this point will be fixed. Many people relying on their life from the internet, their source of income comes from this… We are crying not having the internet not just because we want to waste our time online, but we are trying our best to work online. All of us are hoping that the Philippines’ internet connection gets better as much as possible.

After my minutes of crying I slept, it was a deep sleep.  7 hours later I woke up, thanking God for this new day. Though the situation has not changed that rest helps me improve my mood. I will try my best to not affect my emotions of this uncontrollable things. I hope I can …


If you are an OFW who got home because of this Pandemic and want to share your story of starting back or life adjustment in the Philippines please share us. I can feature it with my next post, and it will surely help many affected OFW to remain optimistic despite these trials. Thanks for dropping by & stay safe! (My email: /

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