La Paz Batchoy Restaurant Dubai

La Paz Batchoy is one of the additional Filipino Restaurants in Al Rigga Deira Dubai.

They serve varieties of Filipino cuisine and one of their specialty is the La Paz Batchoy. Noodle soup made with pork offal, crushed with pork crackling, chicken stock, beet loin, and round noodles. Its origin was in the province of La Paz Ilo-Ilo City in the Philippines.

Honestly speaking I don’t have any idea about the original taste of this noodles is. I am familiar with Lomi but for the La Paz Batchoy, I don’t exactly remember if already tried it before. Maybe I did but I am not aware of the name of that noodles. A piece of new knowledge for me this afternoon.

I save this day to try their famous La Paz Batchoy, their location is almost 30 minutes drive from my place.

And to finish my ignorance, I order as well their Special Lomi so I can actually see and taste their difference. On top of that, we also add their combo mix seafood.

The menu prices are below;





And finally our order;

Service was good, quick, and the staff on duty was attentive.

I like the ambiance and design of the restaurant. It is decent and clean, my only issue during my visit was that music is a bit loud (I think it is normal for many Filipino restaurants)

And in regards to the real purpose of my “Food Tripping visit” I am not that satisfied. The food was OK but not something I would be craving for.

This comment is not about to complain but my real thoughts about my food experience with them. I don’t know why the first thought that came in my mind when I tried the dishes I order was “I felt eating an instant food” that’s how I feel it.

But of course, we don’t want to waste food so we did the right thing which is to finish everything.

To end our lunch, we order the halo-halo for the deserts.

Their halo-halo is totally perfect for our taste bud. This is the taste that I really miss from the Philippines. I really fell in love with the taste and good combination of the ice cream and purple yam they used. Their halo-halo is such a comfort food that I would definitely visit again.

Location: Al Rigga Road / # 971 4 2999996 / Timing: 0800am till 0300am

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