Hong Kong last days mixed emotions

My vacation’s last days in Hong Kong is a mixed emotion of joy and sadness.

I am a bit sad as I will be missing the bonding I had with my brother working there. But, I am happy as I will be continuing my journey to my homeland the Philippines.

The excitement feeling we had for our Manila flight is like having butterflies in our stomach. No doubts our stay in Hong Kong is enjoyable and addictive. But I guess the saying “there is no place like home” is definitely true.

One day prior to our flight was totally a free day. We don’t have any particular place that we want to visit so we just decided to roam around central. Our sore feet brought us to plea market we found a lot of cute items in a lesser price.  A good chance to buy few pieces of stuff for our friends and families.

Addition to that we ensure that our tummy would be fill of Hong Kong best street foods. I know it may sound greedy but we just love their foods and would like to enjoy its distinct taste.

While enjoying our city walk tour we made sure to ready our gear in taking memorable photos of this country.

I always had a hard time to cross the road not used to right hand driving place

The busy street of Central Hong Kong

A world-class business and leisure destination in Hong Kong – IFC Mall

My favorite public transportation in Hong Kong (Tram)

By night time we had our dinner at Hysan Mall with brother and one of my mom’s best friend.

This area is also walking distance from our guest house approximately 15-20 minutes away.

Funny thing we found out Hysan Place is the big Apple Store which is so famous in Hong Kong.

But just outside the mall there are lot of Chinese vendors selling Apple Products.

Were doubting if these are real but as per brother, it is authentic. Those business persons purchased it in bulk before the items official availability in the market.

I don’t know sounds hard to believe! anyways it is none of our business as we don’t have any intention to buy we are just curious.

We had our sumptuous dinner at the food court. All the chosen foods are so yummy.

Vietnamese Noodles

I am not yet reaching Manila seems I gain weight so much. I don’t know how would I shred it off.

Anyways vacation month is not the right moment for diet neither remembering it :).

Such a cute teddy bear we found near food court

We part ways around 12 midnight. Thankfully brother helps me packing my things.  Myself didn’t shop that much from HK but my mom requests a lot of foodies she misses here. (mom used to work in HK for almost half of her life)

Though I don’t have any space in my luggage we have to find ways to fit it in. You know what I mean “mothers”.

I tried to convince her just to buy these items at Philippines local supermarket. But she really wants the exact item she normally bought years back. Alright, a simple request that hard to resist.

Last Day:

We woke up around  09:00 am and had a quick instant cup noodles for breakfast at the guest house lounge.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to take a photo of our room for your reference. I will try to search the video I shoot instead and post it.

Exactly 12:00 their standard check out time we left the guest house. Thankfully there is an in-town check-in provided in Hong Kong which is the MTR In-Town Express Check-In. This is totally convenient especially if your flight is a bit late and you still want to do some activity. You have an option to drop off your luggage, do your check-in and that’s it do whatever you want. The ticket cost at World Wide House is much cheaper than purchasing it directly to train station. As far as I remember I paid for HKD 80.00 per way approximately AED 40-45.  Much cheaper as well instead of taking a cab to the airport.

You wouldn’t imagine guys the dilemma we faced because of our heavy and many pieces of luggage. I never thought that our luggage was not ideal if you would have few days stopover in other countries. I could see on hubby’s face how tired and stress he was managing how we will bring all our stuff.

Good thing that Hong Kong taxis are willing to accept passenger even you have much baggage. Additional fare of HKD5.00 or AED2.50 per baggage applies which is totally fine with us.

If you remember my previous blog about the excess baggage we faced from Dubai. Well, I guess each country has their own rules I never had an issue with my hand carry weight limit. The crew allows our 7KG small trolley, laptop bag, and personal bag. Totally different story on the scenario we encountered in Dubai.

After we checked in everything we went to Olympic Station and meet brother for a “see you again” lunch.  I don’t want to say bye I prefer to say see you again.

Had a yummy lunch, coffee and that’s it we took the train back to Central. Miw and I just decided to rest before heading to the airport. Because of exhausted feelings, I managed to take a nap in one of the benches.

Despite tiredness, we never regret stopping by at Hong Kong. Thank you, HK for the memories that hubby and I shared it’s all worth it.

Big thanks as well bro for the sweetness, kindness, and generosity shown until next time you know what I mean 🙂

10:30 PM our journey to Manila begins….

Total activities we made in Hong Kong

Day 01

Day 02

Day 03

Day 04

Day 05

  • Last day, lunch at Olympian City Mall
  • Experience together with hubby the Hong Kong express train

Hubby and I first 5 whole days of togetherness after many years.

For us, a vacation doesn’t only means of relaxation or seeking a new experience. More than that it means having the chance to strengthen our bond and know more each other deeply.


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