Learn the 5P’s to be successful in Corporate Events Management Field.

Light’s, camera, action! These are the words that I always imagine the moment I stepped into my work station.

Sounds as if I am an actress? not at all. Instead, I am working in a corporate events management company. But why do I need those signals? simply because I consider myself as an actress at work. I am not a crazy or weird I just need to ensure that like an actress who made sure that she portrays her character at her best level. I need to be best as well in performing my role as Specialists.

As a human, obviously there are times that I get emotional and exhausted. No matter how broken or hurt I am, I keep on telling my self that my personal issues should not affect my work performance by all means.

In the time I press the “time in button” my full devotion of 8-9 hours should be there. And that is the moment of Action!

People describe my work either fun, hard or look complicated. Many are curious if they need to be an expert to be part of our team. Being in this industry for a bit longer I would say that our job is not actually hard. I actually see it as simple and can be done by anyone. Yup! you read it right, you don’t need to be genius, or possess tons of experience to be successful working in the events department.

For me, more than the knowledge below 5P’s are the most characteristic of one to succeed in this business.

PLAN: This is basic for everything. No proper planning equals poor quality.

  • You should be the type of person who loves to plan the day ahead of time. Events Department is like a supermarket. Busy, noisy and lots of new tasks to be done. If one would underestimate the ability to plan the risk of forgetting small but important details might happen.
  • In an events management company, there are no words such as “small details” Instead, we always see it as “All Details Matters”

POSITIVE: Ability to change the Negativity to Positivity.

  • Expect and accept that no matter how good you are in planning there will always be that small stone waiting for you to stumble. The moment it happens you should think quickly and focus on the things that need to be done. Don’t waste your energy thinking why and how those bad things happened. Instead what matter is to divert the negative things to Positive.
  • The negative situation should not affect your mood. Always think that the “goal is to provide a successful event for the client”

PATIENT: to apply not only to the clients but most especially to our teammates, colleague, and bosses.

  • Most corporate event’s clients are demanding and tough, the simple inquiry may lead to complicated stuff. And even that all are set for the event day there will always be a last-minute change.
  • Imagine the pressure, toxic that the sudden change may give to the rest of the team? the bosses will start pressurizing the team to make the looks impossible to possible. Each of us should extend our patience to one another to achieve the target calmly and in a professional manner. Because of the ability to extend our patience, we could save our good relationship with our client, colleague, and bosses.

PICKY: Find the flaws in that most beautiful craft.

  • This is a challenge for a person who is kind and easy to appreciate things. In the events management company, your personal preference or appreciation to the result of hard work is not important. Instead, we need to be sure that all our recommendation to the clients whether it is the target venue, design or theme it should be always the best PICK.
  • Remember, it maybe looks good for you, but would it be the “best” for the client’s view?

PASSIONATE: The passion is like a fuel, no matter how beautiful that car it would be useless without fuel.

  • In all the things we do, if we don’t have passion for it we cannot give the best of ourselves. If providing the best, quality work to our company is in our heart and passion for sure we would be successful in our field.
  • Working in events departments looks simple as you are mainly in the office and in front of your computer. But it is full of pressures, actions and stressful days, during those moments your passion will push you to continue…..

I think whether you would like to work in an Events company or other industry the above 5p’s would be helpful for us to be best in our chosen career path.

(Photos are not mine, copied from google image)

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