Even the Strong and Independent Woman needs a strong back up.

No matter how hard, stressful, tough and painful situation they are in they will rise up.

They will stand up with dignity, confidence and sweet smile on their face and you will never have an idea what kind of battle they are encountering every single day.

Their eyes, smile, aura looks fine and seems living their life so happily. No one knows deep inside their soul they are fighting with their emotions, weakness and heart. 

Who are they? None other than the Strong and Independent Woman. The ladies who know how to handle the hard situation and reality of life.

They might cry secretly but they will never give up. Some are trying their best to be strong not even for themselves but mostly for their loved ones.

I believe that all woman have a talent in self-healing, they know how to motivate and convince themselves to go on with their journey no matter how many times they stumble.

They are totally different from man, a simple “me time” or “girlfriends dinner out” are enough for them to recharge their battery to continue the battle.

If you are tired, exhausted and stress, there is nothing wrong to allot a moment of silence for yourself, You Deserve it. 

We don’t have to stuck ourselves in negative situation, we can always find ways how to improve our moods.

You can go out with a good and trusted friends to help you divert your attention to positive things in life.

A little make over, and Eat out might help. Satisfy your cravings of sweetness, which is my favorite part. 

Reality is, No matter how Strong and Independent Woman we are, we need as well a strong support of a good friend. A friend who is always there to hear our craziness and weirdness. A sissy we know that will never judge us.

We are all thankful for our best buds, sissies who are always ready to listen in our stories no matter how many times we said it.
On top of that, a sissy who is willing to share that carbs as well to create a happy memories.   

All strong woman out there, share us how you manage to look good even when you are feeling down?

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