Work Abroad while young

Work Abroad in Your 20’s, and you will be thankful

Work Abroad While Young, Work Abroad in Your 20’s, and you will be thankful

In the Filipino culture, the word; abroad has been and will be always part of our lives. We have always heard this word from the older ones since our younger days.

Usually, this word is related to success. Most Filipino think that individual is successful or will be successful if they will work abroad.

Those beliefs might be true but don’t forget, this still depends on your perseverance, hard work, and chances.

From history and up to now there are still thousands of Filipino who are dreaming to go in a foreign land. It is either to study or to work.

Same with these people, I also wish to have a chance to work abroad. However, our difference is I already once work abroad. And now I am thinking if there still another opportunity for me.

Yes, though I have already experienced living abroad for many years, and now living in the Philippines for almost half a year I realized that if I will be given an option, I will still choose to live abroad. Not because I do not want my own country, or because abroad has a big opportunity of earning well. Instead, I want to explore the world while I still can and a bit young. And that is easy to do if I am based abroad.

But in case there will be no chances for me due to the current situation, I am fine with that. I am happy with what I fulfilled, experienced, and achieved, because of these I can happily start establishing my life here in the Philippines.

I am just so thankful that I decide to work abroad during my early 20’s. Despite my worries then, I am thankful that I didn’t turn my back from that decision.

Looking back, I have a lot to thank my younger self. Thank you for being strong and firm in your decision, I was 23 years old at that time. Determined, and willing to face the battle of life despite secretly suffering from deep emotional pain.

Let me share why I think that working abroad in your early twenties is ideal, rather wait for a perfect time or gain more work local experience before pursuing working in your target country.


Living overseas will make you stronger

If you think that you are strong and independent already because you are no longer living with your parents, and starting earning your own money. Believe me, that is not enough, working abroad will make you stronger more than that.

Living abroad will teach you to stand by yourself, be independent no matter how hard your situation is.

You will face a lot of trials along with the way. Those are either personal or professional aspects that will test your faith, emotions, and strength. At first, you might wonder if you can make it, but eventually, you will see that you are a stronger person than ever.

Your Point of View will be broader

Through time you will meet a lot of people from a different nation with different attitudes and beliefs. These people will open your mind widely, from there you will learn a lot from other cultures.

In my experience, I appreciate so much how Filipino women can freely explore and improve their professional life. Unlike in other traditions that women are not allowed to work, that women’s responsibility should only revolve around the household. Though there is nothing wrong with that I just can’t imagine myself not being free to choose the lifestyle I would want to. For me, that looks unfair and injustice.

And in the other aspect, I learned from western people to be independent and be responsible for myself. I’ve seen how they work hard and preparing for their older days. The idea of passing the responsibility of taking care of themselves to other is not on their mind. Unlike the usual mindset we have here in the Philippines, that children will be responsible to their parents. Western people are very different. I am not saying that I am not in favor of taking care of our old parents, but it should be balanced. Giving a good education and life to children should no be the reason for parents to use this reason that children should repay them a quality life too when they get old.

The real World is tough

This description is overused, but that is true. And from abroad you will see and experience this bitter reality of the world. It is challenging, hard, and hurtful.

In the real world where not all sweet people are actually like that. From here you will see that you cannot rely on your happiness, security, and safety from other people even that they are from your same nation. It is normal here that your rival and the person who might pull you down is your fellow Filipino. With that experience, you will learn how to fight for yourself, how to stay in the war silently just to reach the success you are aiming for in life.

Best Training Ground

Working abroad will be your best training ground to be disciplined. which this would be beneficial for you whether for work or personal

From here you will learn how to be competitive and strong in fighting for your rights. Those attitudes might be an impact from your foreign bosses and colleagues that comes from multicultural.

Working with different nationalities would be a big help building your confidence and improving your communications skills to whatever type or status of people.

Though for sure you are disciplined already here in the Philippines, in abroad you will enhance more of this habit because of many reasons. One is you will need to be disciplined to protect the work that is giving you the visa to stay in that country. The habit of being absent and late at work is not common here unless you are willing to face the consequence. Also, you may add government big penalties if you will commit anything against the law. Like in traffic, immigration or ethics rules. Because of these, you will surely choose to be disciplined at all times.


You will be Confident

Aside from developing your communications skills with all types of people, from abroad, you will be more confident in yourself.

The previous simple fear or worries you had will not be a big deal for you anymore.

For Filipinos, even the slightest wrong grammar or spelling is a big issue. In abroad you will realize that speaking or writing perfectly in the English language is not the basis of intelligence or success.

What matters is, you can deliver the message you want to say rightly. You will be surprise that there are many nationalities who are actually amaze how Filipino are good with Basic English language.


After studying, everyone has pressure in proving themselves. They are competing with one another, they are racing to reach what they are thinking Finish Line. In their belief, being the first means the best.

Such as the most successful is the one who quickly has the house, car, branded stuff, travel the world, and first to have an enticing title of Manager, etc.

For the young ones, including me then, we thought that having this in our mind means big and we are ahead of everyone.

But the reality is, there is no finish line in this world. You would always want to have more, achieve more. Also, there are many uncertainties in life that will change how fast you can and achieve things.

Until you realize that you actually don’t need to pressure yourself hard to have these things. You are not racing or competing with someone for the honor or acknowledgment. Instead, you are working hard because the reality in life is you need to work and earn to survive in this world. And the finish line is the time you are contented in your life, not only because of material possession, but you are just happy in the status of your life.

You can build fast

Building fast your plan is easier to achieve as the salary in abroad is almost triple from the Philippines.

Having a house and lot, car and few savings are normal for those who work abroad during their early twenties. Since they work early, they also earned and manage to save at the early stage of their life.

So if abroad is really on your plan, do it earlier and not delay it.

Enough time to bounce back

Starting young will help you save time, like what just happened to me. Now that I am in my mid 30’s I need to start again here in the Philippines because of some life uncertainties. Though it would be hard for me as my option is few, and there are many younger generations also looking for a job. I know I still have time to find another chance and opportunity.

With my experience, I am really grateful that I chose to work abroad during my early 20’s

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