Macky’s Marikina Famous Goto and Palabok

Macky’s Marikina 

Marikina is one of the cities in Metro Manila that you would probably enjoy exploring.

This city has a lot to offer, aside from many affordable yet durable footwear you can find you will also enjoy just walking around the various park that is really clean. As everyone knows Marikina is one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines.

Aside from being famous as one of the cleanest cities and shoe capital of the Philippines, Marikina is also one of the go-to places of many food bloggers in the country.

There are many restaurants here that serve great and authentic Marikina dishes. Areal hidden treasures that are just waiting for you to discover.

One of the oldest and affordable restaurants or Karinderia that many would definitely want to try is Macky’s.

Macky’s is a simple Karinderia that serves Pinoy snacks from Goto, Pansit, Spaghetti, and Palabok. They also have burgers to choose from.

Their wall murals

The Carinderia

Macky's Marikina

Macky's Marikina menu


A Pinoy merienda is not complete without the cold and sweet treats such as Halo-Halo, Mais, or Saging con yelo all of these can be found in Macky’s

Despite Macky’s popularity in Marikina I only got to discover them through Youtube. I never heard of this carinderia from my parents who lives in Marikina for many decades. Thanks to the power of social media we have the chance to discover a lot of things in just a few clicks away.

The food vlogger I saw from youtube looks really enjoying all the foods he orders from Macky’s, his video entices me to try their food too.

When I got the chance, I invited my husband to join me and try their food.

And here are the foods we order.


I am not a good food reviewer, but I love to explore different cuisine, especially affordable ones.

Their food is decent and fair enough for the price you would pay.

What I like about is their palabok sauce, it is unique compared to the traditional palabok we grew up with. The typical palabok sauce that I know is dry.

After our meal, we walk around the area, and just a few minutes away, our itchy feet lead us to this clean and small park in front of the Shoe Museum. It’s such a perfect place to relax for a while before going home.

Every time I am driving going to Pasig using this route, this tree never fails to amaze me. It is just so beautiful!

However, this is my first time walking around this area. I am glad to discover this small park, a great spot in case I need a place to sit and meditate.

J.P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City
Just a few meters before Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, across BPI Family Savings Bank

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