Marithe Francois Girbaud wallet a memory of my selfishness

For sure my generation knows this brand, it hits the fashion market in the Philippines between 2002-2005.  I was in my college days during that time, not only ladies are obsessed with this brand but even the guys. If you want to be chic you need to have either wallet, bag, shoes or shirt of this label.

I kept this wallet till now just for a remembrance, every time I am seeing it in my cabinet it reminds me of not how cool I was, but on how unreasonable and selfish I was.

I grew up in the normal family set up, we are not broken but we are not all together. My mom works abroad since I was 02 and she only comes home every two years. I was always excited when her vacation schedule is already confirmed, not because of the time we will spend together, but because of all the gifts, she would be bringing for me.

Back then I don’t feel any guilt coz that’s the reason she always tells us, “I need to work abroad, so I can send you to better school, I have to work hard to buy you  good clothes and all the beautiful things you want” so, when I was young instead of appreciating all those material gifts I am thinking that I deserve to have it, anyways its a simple things in exchange of growing up without my mom beside me.

Sounds selfish for others, but I and my siblings don’t feel that way before, maybe because it was not well explained to us.

One of my mom’s vacation, I asked her to buy me this wallet, but that is already the last day of her trip (I asked her during the last day as I couldn’t find the perfect timing to ask for it, as all the malls we went to don’t have this brand), she told me that she doesn’t have any budget for that, her money are enough only for her allowance back to her work till the next salary.

But I insisted so hard, I strongly believed that it is impossible that she doesn’t have anything left from her pocket. After the tantrums, drama and emotional blackmail, she bought it for me. I was happy that time.

I value that wallet, that’s why it is still with me till today, though I only used it till 2007.

When I decided to work in Dubai, I realized that being an OFW is really tough, you need to bear a lot of sacrifices to survive. I learned that it is not because you are an OFW your cash are flowing from your pocket, I understood how hard to budget your money especially when you are on vacation as you want to give everything that your family/kids want, I realized that vacation’s last day is exhausting, you are tired physically after compressing all your activity in a small period of time, you are emotional as you know you will not see again your love ones for few years, and most of it, you are praying no one will ask money from you or no one will ask you to buy them something you can’t afford as it is really hard to say no…..But my mom still bought it for me, I can’t imagine how I made her last day to a stressful one.

I was self-centered, spoiled and unreasonable, that’s why when it’s my turn and had the chance to return all the sacrifices she has done for us, I really tried hard. My siblings and I are now trying our best to pamper her.

If only I could turn back time, I would be more sensible and loving daughter 🙂

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