Marithe Francois Girbaud wallet a memory of my selfishness

Marithe Francois Girbaud the memories of my selfishness

My generation surely know this brand, it became so famous in the Philippines fashion industry between 2002-2005.

Those years are during my college and a little rebellious day.

My batch was crazy over this name of Marithe Francois Girbaud.  We want to have either bag, shoes, shirts, or a wallet with this label.

I didn’t miss that hype and ensure to have a piece of it.

This wallet is still with me till now despite decades past. I chose to keep it not because of its durability, but it holds an unforgettable memory of my younger years.

Seeing this wallet reminds me not for being cool or fashionable young ones, instead of being unreasonable and selfish.

Marithe Francois Girbaud front view

A little story of my brat days

Like the common set up of Filipino families, I grew up seeing our families incomplete. We are not a broken family but we are not together, my mom was working overseas.

She left when I was 2 years old, I need to count for 730 days to be with her spending only 30 days. That set up looks normal for me, I was too young to realize what are her sacrifices.

Every time she is set for vacation I was so excited, and couldn’t wait till she comes. However, the reason behind it is not because I want to spend time with her, instead, I was looking forward to all the gifts she has for me.

I don’t feel any guilt with that behavior, coz that is the reason she always tells us. “I need to work abroad, so I can send you to a better school, I have to work hard to buy good clothes and all the beautiful things you want”

Instead of appreciating all those privileges, I am thinking that I deserve to have it. Anyways it’s a simple thing in exchange for growing up without her beside me.

Some of you might say how selfish I was.

Sadly, my sibling and I never thought of that way. Maybe her reasons, choices to leave us was not properly explained to us.

During one of my mom’s vacation, I asked her to buy me this wallet. The only chance I got to ask her was on her last day. All the malls we went for the first few days don’t have Marithe Francois Girbaud store.

As expected she doesn’t have any more extra cash.

” Sorry dear but I don’t have any budget for that, my leftover money is only for my allowance till I got my salary for next month. – she said.

Instead of understanding her, I keep on insisting her to buy me. I don’t believe her statement, it is impossible she can’t afford this stuff. After my tantrums, drama, and emotional blackmail she bought it for me. I was very happy at that time, I was feeling so cool having this wallet like my other classmates.

I used this wallet for about 3 years until 2017. This wallet is my first ever expensive brand I got, I value it so much that’s why I still keeping it my drawer.

Marithe Francois Girbaud

My realization when I became an OFW

When I decided to follow my mom’s path to work abroad, I realize many things.

One of those is the hardship of being an OFW, I never imagine that to bear pain and sacrifices to survive are part of OFW life.

I understand that not because you are working abroad you have overflowing money from your pocket

My eyes see the reality of life, that when OFW is on vacation they have a budget for that. And budgeting is not easy as they want to give the best for their families, and kid seven for short time.

I realized that vacation’s last day is very exhausting. In a sense, that you are physically tired after compressing all the activities you want to do with your families for 1 month. On top of that, you are emotional as you know it will take years before you can be with your family again.


And most of it, OFW’s are praying that no one will ask them for money on their last day. Not because they don’t want to give, but they don’t have anything more left to give. But my mom still chose to makes me happy, I understand that saying No to your loved ones is not easy.

I can’t imagine how I made her last day to a stressful one. Self-centered, spoiled, and unreasonable are the best words to describe me then. Hurt may it sounds but that was me.

My journey of working abroad helps me see the things I need to appreciate and be thankful for. My crazy brat days are just part of my younger years’ story.

When my siblings and I had our chance to let my mom feels special, we really tried hard.

If only I could turn back time, I would be a more sensible and loving daughter…



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