Good bye Fur Babies, the hardest part of leaving UAE

After selling my car, the next step is the hardest one, preparing myself to say goodbye my fur babies.

Same with some people, leaving the comfort of the UAE is a hard decision. Hubby and I never thought that we will leave UAE as early as this time.

We always say to ourselves that we will leave maybe by 5-10 years more. But unexpected scenarios came when most of the ex-pats are not yet ready to leave.

Anyways, hubby and I accepted this situation. After we received my husband’s termination letter we hurriedly pray and ask for guidance on what would be the next decision we should do. As per the result of our prayers, it looks that to leave UAE, for now, would be the best and practical one. I honestly inform my boss as well about this plan and he is fine with it. From then on, we started preparing all our stuff. We gradually sent our things to the Philippines, and look for the car buyer.

The hardest and emotional one is saying goodbye to Simon and Bob. They are our friends, and sometimes we refer to them as our fur babies.

In the current situation, I’ve seen many beautiful cats around our residence seems left behind by their fur parents. I don’t know their reasons, but I couldn’t imagine leaving Simon and Bob just like that.

I’ve been with Simon for 8 years, while 2 years with Bob. Like what I mentioned I never thought to leave UAE as early as this. Because of that Simon and Bob’s documents are not ready to travel with us. We didn’t know the process, and where to start.

Bringing them in the Philippines was our first option, but when I approach with 2 private pet relocation companies the cost was mind-blowing. That amount is too costly for us, and we really can’t afford it.

Realistically, I know there would be no chance for me to bring Simon and Bob in The Philippines. So, I started to approach a few friends if they can adopt them. Sadly, no one agrees, I understand as being a fur parent is not a simple thing, rather a serious obligation.

Few days before our flight I am getting anxious as there is no concrete plan yet where I can leave my 2 babies. I was praying hard every night to help me think properly about this matter.

Then, hubby thought of posting the story of 2 at the Dubai Expat group on Facebook. We received a lot of messages that they are willing to assist, they want us to bring them to the Philippines as no one would adopt them at this time. The group was so kind and supportive, they introduce us to Ms. Ella of Filipinos in UAE – Street Paws.

Ms. Ella gave us hope and assure that she can help, we were so grateful.

However, no matter how much she tried helping us, we don’t have enough time to process everything.

Sadly, but the best solution is to find someone who can adopt them locally.

Then I remember, I have a previous client when I was working as a hotel sales executive that is a fur mommy as well. I always notice her Facebook update with 3 cats, though I am a bit shy to ask I just gave it a try.

I am so thankful to Ms. Candy as she initiates posting Simon and Bob’s details online. My mind was not working well at those time, Imagine that I already chatted with Ms. Ella a few days back, but never thought of posting Simon and Bob’s details at the Street Paw Facebook group.

From there, my two babies finally found their new home.

I am really happy as the adoptive parent is really a cat lover, Simon, and Bob’s life there looks happier and healthier. Their new mommy is always updating me on their new photos and videos. It seems they already adapt their new environment, I was crying the first night they are not with me, but like a real mom, you will bear the pain if you know that is for their best and safety.

My goodbye Fur babies part was hard but happy with the help of their new mom,  Ms. Reem a fellow Filipina.


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