Bad Image of few Filipina abroad

Bad Image of few Filipina abroad that are hurtful

Bad Image of few Filipina abroad that are hurtful

Overseas Filipino Workers are known for being a good and ideal worker for many foreign employers. 

They are impressed by how Filipino national works, and how they value their jobs. OFW’s reputation being a hard worker with passion and dedication is remarkable.

However, despite these impressive habits of our Kababayan abroad, there are still not so good image that they are known about. Especially to some of Filipina.

I’ve been working abroad for more than a decade, I’ve experienced hearing a few negative comments about my fellow Filipina. Those words are hurtful and degrading. Even though you may want to defend the Filipina image, there are some things that cannot be easily justified.

That is the effect of the bad image that some Filipina creates abroad.

I am sharing this not to add any negativity but an awareness that Filipina abroad should be more careful. To look me a righteous one is not my aim, but just to remind some Filipina to be more responsible for their actions. And consider that they are also representing the whole Filipino community abroad and not just  themselves. 

My first encounter

When I went to Dubai in 2007, I never thought that there is a negative image of Filipina in this place. Since that is my first work abroad experience, I ensure that I will do well on my job. I tried to be a jolly and friendly person to all to lessen my nervousness working with different nationalities.

I was not aware that being friendly is not always a positive attitude for some. That attitude may give a signal to other nationalities that you have an interest in them. 

Sounds shallow, but that is because of their culture.

A few weeks after my first day, there is one Indian guy at work who approaches me and invites me for a coffee in Satwa. I don’t know how to tell him frankly without offending him that I do not want. So I informed my fellow Filipina, my supervisor. I ask her for a suggestion on how I can tell him that I do not want to go out with him.

And that is the first time I heard that I should be careful in dealing with foreign guys at work.

She approaches the guy I was referring to, and she told him never to ask me to go out again. Later on, I learned that this guy is hitting on to every new Filipina in the company, and the Satwa place he was asking me to go with is the place in Dubai where many Filipina with foreigner boyfriend is hanging out. Mostly are their Indian, Egyptian, and Pakistani boyfriends.

From then on, I became so careful in dealing with foreign guys at work. 

In just a matter of a few months, I learned some of the top bad images of few Filipina in UAE are such as;

Easy, Ambitious, Money Sucker, User, and Relationship wrecker


Some foreign guys have impressions that Filipina women are easy and simple to get. One of my colleagues says, that if you want to have a Filipina girlfriend you just need to give them the King. Are you wondering who or what King? they are referring to Chowking, Burger King, and Chicking. This means that buying a less expensive snack for a Filipina is good enough to be their girlfriend.


It is common even here in the Philippines when they saw a Filipina having a relationship with a foreigner it only means they are aiming for something. Either the money, residency, or both. The danger of this, is many Filipina are being fooled and given false hope. Some foreigners are taking advantage as they know Filipina will not let go as they are hoping for a good life soon.

Money Sucker

Sponsorship is the best word to describe it. Some Filipina called it this way when they want to get a treat from someone. Either from their boyfriend or foreigner friend, they created an image that Filipina love to always get a free snack, free shopping, etc. 

Because of these, they thought that all Filipina have the same attitude. 

They are holding this negative image thinking that they can disrespect every Filipina.


Filipina girlfriend will only use the foreign partner for their benefits. Such as free rides, free meals, and a comfortable apartment to stay in without any cost. 

They see that a Filipina will do everything to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. And that includes using people.


Even though the Filipina is married or has a relationship back in the Philippines, they will risk to wreck it if they find a better provider for them. And the most common story you would hear is, their husband is lazy and irresponsible. Their relationship is not on good terms anymore even if they are still in the Philippines, so they chose to find a new love abroad. Even this means destroying their family as long as they are happy.

  Unimpressive Pinay

I know some of you might say I shouldn’t write this article as I am just adding a negative impact. But this is the reality of what’s going on abroad. This would be a warning for aspiring Filipina who would work abroad to be aware of their environment. It is up to you ladies on how you will handle the situation, just be careful, maintain your dignity and decency, and prove that not all Filipina are bad as above.

Just to be clear, I am not judging those Filipina as I am not sure of their purpose. But this is just to share base on my experience when I was working abroad. It is just hurtful when Foreigners misjudging you even though you are not doing any bad things at all.


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