Angry Guy at Ajman this is not the right time

COVID-19 This is not the time for Anger

An angry guy at Ajman Grocery store was shouting at the staff, please calm down they are front liners too!

Stepping out from our home door during this crucial stage of COVID is the last thing I would want to do. However, I haven’t got any choice as our pantry inventory is running out of stock.

I ready myself, wear my full gear, mask and drive to the grocery store (Safeer Ajman)

Hubby was volunteering to do this task, but practicality wise I feel it is better for me to do it. All Wifey out there would definitely understand what I meant.

Roads are quiet comparing to normal days, parking space is plenty as well.

There are only a few shoppers at that time around 3:00 in the afternoon. All are wearing masks and doing the shopping quickly.

The atmosphere is actually calm and peaceable, if not due to the COVID I might say, that moment is the very best time to roam around that store.

But peace is not really permanent in this world, I suddenly hear one angry guy at Ajman Safeer store who is really mad at the salesperson. He was complaining that he is not assisting him nicely, and pertaining that the employee is unprofessional and impolite. He even requested to call the manager.

I am not sure the reasons for his anger, maybe he was right and the employee deserves the complaint. However, in my opinion, I think it is better if we just simply forgive petty things as much as we can at this time. All are stressed, drained and frightened in the past months. Maybe we can try our best to broaden our patience and understanding skills to everyone. Or if you cannot really just forget it, maybe you can talk to that person calmly and avoid as much as possible in creating a negative scene publicly. By doing that you are not just helping him. You are actually helping yourself to have self-control and develop compassion for others.

Those employees who are still working at this time and having a personal interaction with consumers deserve as well our appreciation. A simple smile, word of thanks can uplift their spirit to do their task happily. Same with us, they are anxious as well about their health and nearly risking it as part of their work. The best we can do is to spread optimistic vibes in this unfavorable time.

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