Nato Beach

Nato Beach Camarines Sur so calm, peaceful beach in Bicol

Nato Beach Camarines sur

Camarines Sur is my second home here in the Philippines, this is the place where my better half came from.

But before knowing him I am always curious about with the province of Bicol, back then I didn’t understand well what other provinces are composed of Bicol Region, all I know was it is the home of beautiful scenery of Mt. Mayon and delicious dishes that always has a coconut milk.


My curiosity about Bicol started when I was in high school; I remember that I even encouraged my father to go to Bicol and ride the train that I am seeing in Manila. He just laughed and told me it is not a passenger train!

After working in Dubai for few years, I’ve met a Bicolano whom I never thought that I will be best friends for life.

Never imagined that the province I’ve been always curious about will be my second home or might be my retirement home too.

Camarines Sur indeed is just a great place if you would like to relax, and live simply. There are lot of beatiful sceneries, simple thing you will appreciate and the people are also kind.

Their beaches are one of my favorites,as of this writing, it is my 14th day stay here and the longest one so far since we got married. In just a few days I already seen 3 beautiful beaches, one of those is Nato Beach.

Nato Beach Camarines Sur

Nato Beach is located in Sagnay Camarines Sur and this is one of the most accessible beach from Pili the capital of Camarines Sur, this is also less than an hour travel from my husband’s town.

It has a gray sand and wavy water since it is facing the Pacific ocean.
During the summer season expect that a lot of people are enjoying their day here.

If you are budget concious, don’t worry since Nato Beach is an open public beach that you can enjoy for free. But if you need to rent a cottage, there are small cottages available to rent with a minimal fee.

My day at Nato Beach

Calm, peaceful and quiet are the best words I can say during my visit here last week. Aside from few fishermens and kids playing around no one is there at that moment.

I think no one will be really visiting the place since it was during working day and still around 2 pm.

While for an introvert person like me that was a perfect time.

We walked around the beach and thinking to go the sand-bar, but I don’t have an enough courage to walk even the water is shallow. Thankfully there are friendly kids who are on their mini boat that we approached with if they can bring us in the sand bar and they generously agreed. The smile on their faces are genuine when we handed over them a 100 pesos after our 10 minutes stay in sand bar. That boat ride was so nice and enjoyable.

My experience in Nato Beach is wonderful, it relax my soul because of its beauty and the simple life there reminds me to be thankful and more appreciative to everything that I have.

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