How to Open an Account with Banco De Oro (BDO)

How to Open an Account with Banco De Oro (BDO)

There are many banks available in the Philippines that you can put your hard-earned money.

All you have to do is research for the one with a good reputation and that fits your requirements.

Though I have already a BPI account, I decided to open another one to arrange and track our finances systematically.

Last week I opened a savings account with BDO. I didn’t expect that opening here is much easier and hassle-free comparing to BPI.

Why I find it easier? because of their Accessibility and Adaptability.

For me, BDO is the most accessible bank I’ve found in my area. They have a location in the mall with longer operations timing, and also operates during Saturday. This is perfect especially if you have a limited time to do errands during the weekdays.

I opened my account in Sta Lucia Cainta Mall, I arrived at their branch around 3:00 pm and didn’t expect that I will be finishing the full process in less than an hour.

BDO Account


The requirements for opening an account are straightforward and simple, unlike my previous experience that caused us a big headache.

2 valid ID’s are enough to open it.

Though it is common, I am impressed they have a camera on-site to capture my photo as one of the requirements. Why it is a big deal for me?

if you had read my previous experience with BPI we attempt opening an account twice just because we didn’t bring with us a 1×1 photo and barangay clearance.

While in BDO they are never required for these, I know banks have their different standards but all of us will prefer to go to the flexible one.

Steps and the whole process in opening your BDO Account
  • Go to the nearest BDO branch
  • The marketing team will assist you with the process, just be ready in filling up a few documents
  • Bring two valid IDs
  • And of course, the minimum deposit required for your chosen account type. My chosen one has a minimum deposit requirement of Php 2,000
  • Once the opening of an account has been processed with a deposit, they will take your photo using their camera. Then as the last part of the requirements you will do the finger scanning
  • The deposit slip will be given to you, you will show this on the day you will collect your card or passbook
  • Card readiness is so fast, It only took 7 days, and I got my card
  • On the day of card collection, the staff will assist you in registering for an online banking
  • Once done, you may now go to the ATM to change the password of your card for activation

And that’s it, all are ready for your new account. You can now enjoy start savings knowing you can put your hard-earned money more safely.

My Experience with the Staff Service

The team who assists me are helpful from the start till the last step, they are accommodating and friendly in answering your queries.

Thank you BDO Sta Lucia Branch


Requirements for opening BPI savings


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