When Dubai Based PinayExpat Meets The Prince of Kuwait (part 3)

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Are you serious Jhong? please if not, stop it I don’t want to involve myself in something which is unsure!

Anj, just trust me on this. I will prove you that I am serious and sincere……

And what to expect, Anji agrees to Jhong proposal. They became an official couple that day, at first Anji feels uncomfortable but days passed, she saw how good person Jhong is. Her first thoughts are all wrong. Jhong is just prank and has a strong personality but the way he treats Anji, as if she is a princess. Their relationship is getting deeper and serious.

Ate Kay! I love Jhong, I am happy to be with him. He is so sweet, every morning he never forgets to call me and he always asked me if I am fine and if I need something, Anji said with sparks in her eyes and smiles.

Both of them enjoy their relationship, they never fail to make each other special. Jhong loves baking and cooking, he grew up in a province with a simple life exactly opposites of Anji’s lifestyle. His father has a small bakery when he was young, from there he learns how to make bread and bake cakes. What a lovely match they are, as Anji enjoys those things as well. They share the same passion, if they have a chance during their off they are just staying at Jhong’s house and their bonding area is in the kitchen, cooking a different dish and baking some good cookies.

Anji, I think someday you and Jhong would be successful, both of your skills and passion can go far. Who knows maybe you can build your dream cafe! You are blessed knowing a guy like him, as you know it is hard to find someone here in Dubai a Filipino guy which is single and responsible, Kay said to Anji when they are having lunch one day.

Anji paused for a while and think deeply…. I am not sure Ate Kay his salary is very less maybe this will not happen,  I think it can’t even support us if ever we will get married.

Don’t be negative Anji, as long as both of you would work hard and inspires one another you can reach for your dreams, Kay told her.

Jhong is working in one of the prestigious 5 stars hotel/resort in Dubai, he promised Anji that he will bring her there to see how it looks like and to experience their facilities, Anji is excited and looking forward to it, she loves exploring and trying good things and places.

One day Anji receives a call from Jhong and informed her to be ready for the coming off, as he already books their schedule to visit the resort. Anji was so happy and excited, she plans on her imagination what would be her outfit that day.

Wow, Anji, at least you will be able to see that resort and experience why they are famous and expensive, tell Jhong to invite me one day, Kay told Anji while laughing and told her to enjoy their day and regards to Jhong.

Anji and Jhong enjoy the full day having fun under the sun, their relationship seems perfect and sweet. Days and months passed they started to know each other better. There are times that they have a small fight because of differences, misunderstanding and few problems but Jhong is matured man he knows how to handle Anji’s tantrums.

Finally, their relationship reached their first year anniversary. Both of them happily greets each other, they spend it having a dinner in a good restaurant and they even have gifts to one another.

Jhong finally asked Anji,

We are already one year but I never had a chance to know your family, I already introduced you to my siblings, when can I talk or know your parents?  if my parents are alive for sure I already introduce you to them and they will definitely like you.

Maybe soon Jhong, I cannot find the right timing to tell mom & dad about us.

Anji, you are not young anymore your parents will definitely understand your relationship with Jhong and for sure they will like him. It is hard to find a good,  matured and responsible man in these days they should be happy you found one! Kay told Anji when she relayed her worries to Kay.

Anji is a bit worried about introducing Jhong to her family, though Kay and Anji’s friendship reached for almost two years. But, Anji barely shares more details about her family, aside from how much she wants to save a lot as her father would be retiring soon and she wants to maintain her family’s lifestyle.

I don’t know Ate Kay, let see maybe one of this day I will call mom and tell her about Jhong and me.

One day, Kay & Anji are so busy with their works, bulk of transactions and request are they handling. Anji is so stressed and tired, she feels dizzy, cold and her hands are getting numb. She took a sick leave for the following day. Every time they are getting busy in their work same things are happening to Anji, both of them just ignore it and thinks maybe because of the stress and lack of rest.

Jhong, sorry I can’t go out tomorrow, I feel so tired and exhausted, I can’t move my hands maybe because of the loaded transaction at work, imagine the whole day I am typing nonstop because of many request, I feel I don’t want to wet it. For the last few days it is always numb… what should I do?

Jhong accompanied Anji to doctor, and the doctor gave her some medications to ease the pain of her hands, the doctor said she need to rest her hands and not to stress it.

Jhong feels worried for her, he gave her a supporter to her hands so every time Anji is working at least it would not be stress and overused. Anji appreciates it a lot, she realized how blessed she is for having him specially in this kind of situations. She knows someone is caring for her and love her.

 Thanks Jhong for taking care of me, Anji said

Hi Ma! As I’ve told you last time I would like to introduce you to Jhong my boyfriend, finally she introduced Jhong to her mom through skype.

Good afternoon Auntie, how are you?

 I am good Jhong, Anji’s mom replied to Jhong coldly.

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