Philippines Budget: Random stuff I bought with Php 485.00

Philippines Budget at Php 485.00, stuff I bought with this amount at SM Supermarket

Hello to all OFW who are curious about the current value of each penny here in the Philippines.

How do you see the amount of PHP 500-1000 when you are abroad? does it sound small or a huge amount for you?

Each has different thoughts on this, like me, when I was still working in UAE this amount is considered a small amount only.

Equivalent approximately to AED 35.00 which is very easy to shell out for one meal at Chowking.

But in the Philippines PHP 500.00 means one day wage of a normal or even professional worker.

Many workers feel that this scale is not enough for the daily expenses of the normal family. Imagine, you will work hard to earn this money that is just good enough for basic things. You would be thankful of course if you have a daily income of PHP 500.00 this is a blessing. But in reality, this is not ideal for a worker supporting a family.

However, we can’t do anything about this as this is the norm in our country. Let us just try doing the best in creating an ultimate budget list to survive for the next payday.

SM Supermarket

This morning I went to SM Supermarket to buy random stuff after doing a few errands. I just want to share with you guys what my PHP 485.00 gave me.

Before leaving, I had a quick bite of their best seller Turon with Langka. This has been my favorite snack at SM for the past months, each is Php 20.00 and Php 25.00 if with UBE.

I like the concept of plastic-free at SM Supermarket

Philippines Budget at Php 485.00

Are you curious about what is inside this big paper bag? look like I got a lot!

Philippines Budget at Php 485.00

The Items I got 

Philippines Budget at Php 485.00

Silka Soap Php34.75 /Sugo Nuts Php 29.50 / Magic Flakes Php 26.50 / Martys Php 6.25 / Tissue Roll Php 9.50 / XO Candies Php 35.50 / Charmee Php 16.75 & 16.25 / Iodine Php 136.75 / Myra Facial Wash Php 74.75

What do you think? does the currency value balance to the items?


Philippines Budget at Php 485.00 – Decent Meal to Enjoy your Php 485.00

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