survive from depression

Run, Escape and End your Life survive from depression

Run, escape, and end your life to survive from depression…

These are the feelings that hubby is battling for many years. As I’ve shared in my older blogs he has been suffering from clinical depression.

Normally many people easily judge those persons suffering from this situation. The common words that I always heard are they are weak or making up this story to seek for attention.

It’s been a while since the last time I share our battle story. I don’t want to give negative feelings to anyone who will see this article. But I know I might help someone who has the same struggles in life.

I do understand those people who are careless in giving their opinions about this topic as this is really hard.

Even myself beside him from day one he has been diagnosed with this illness couldn’t explain well his situation. All I know is it is hard for him every time the unexplainable sadness strikes.

One day I got unsolicited advice from someone. I know that person doesn’t have any bad intentions at all but to comfort me.

The advice was;

I am too young to live in distress.

Leave, move on, and let hubby buried himself in sadness, she highlighted I have an option not to stay.

I was sad hearing those disappointing words.

As a human being, there are times that I feel so down and alone. I even doubt my love for hubby but then I realize this is not just about being in love with him as a wife. This is about showing empathy and kindness to a friend, he is not only my hubby but my best friend.

I always receive such admiration from others that I am strong, brave facing this kind of problem. But they are wrong, hubby is stronger than me. It is enough for me seeing him fighting on his own emotions, struggling to face the world every day. Acting like he is alright and trying his best to make me feel that nothing changes in our relationship is such a big thing.

From day one of our relationship till we married he has been my strength but due to his illness I thought he fails me but I was wrong.

Hubby’s braveness reminds me to appreciate life and most especially to thank God for always guiding us, without His presence we cannot endure this.

Despite his situations, hubby still there to strengthen me. I am in the mood to write tonight to thank my hubby for being with me and trying all the best he can.

Nothing changes, he is still my number one fan, supporter and best friends.

For people who are suffering from depression please don’t stop fighting someone still understand you.

And for those who know one suffering the same illness my only advice if you really want to help them is;

“Don’t easily open your mouth, instead open your two ears and heart widely, just listen to them and make them feel you are a friend”  By doing this you are helping them to survive from depression.

I know hubby and I are still in a long way to endure this hard part of life. All that matters is we are trying our best, staying together, always remembering to love each other, and soon we can say that both of us survive from depression.

Good night guys:)

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