New Year New Mindset, How to Stay Mentally Healthy

Mentally Healthy should be your 2021 Goal

Let us all welcome the new year of 2021, but how? Many people might be feeling lost and anxious about how to start this year. That is totally understandable as the previous years were tremendous traumatic for many people.

2020 memories are like you are on a roller coaster ride. The time you decide to ride you may feel excited. But the moment it ran fast you realize how scary that ride was. You might start praying and hoping that it will stop quickly. But unfortunately, the control is not in your hands. You are not sure when the ride operator will press the stop button. All you know is the ride should only last for 5 or 10 minutes, but you can’t actually figure out the exact time it would stop.

Like what we are facing with the COVID pandemic. Every time we are hearing that there is a vaccine to come out everyone is looking forward to that. Then, after that, a new conflict would arise and no one knows exactly when this will end.

Regardless of that, you shouldn’t let the terrible memories of 2020 affects your 2021 badly. Though it is hard, you, all of us should start it positively.

If we will let the negative things happening around us affect us, no one can stand. All of us will give up easily.

Keeping our mind healthy would be a great help to remain happy despite the difficulties.

So what we should do to stay our mental condition healthy? The tips below would be useful.

How to Stay Mentally Healthy

New Mindset

The first you have to do is change your mindset, forget the myths that mental issue is not important, or it is always attached to craziness.

Mentally Healthy change mindset

Instead, keep in mind the broad and real meaning of Mental Health according to; Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act, it also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. It is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

From the explanation, you will understand how important keeping your mental condition healthy. If before you don’t believe in this, change your mindset now!

Be and Stay Positive

Choosing and planning to be positive is easy, but the challenge is to stay positive. When things worsen it would be hard holding to a positive mindset. But you can do it, through praying and helping yourself. One of the simple things you can do to help yourself being positive is by lessening the negative impact that might trigger you.

Maybe you can lessen monitoring the news so much and even social media. These two platforms are useful for everyone, but sometimes with the many bad news uploaded from time to time, you are not sure how it badly affects your mind. You never know how bad that negativity in your mental health.

Mentally Healthy stay positive

To have a healthy body you need to filter all the food you will have. As much as possible only healthy ones. For mental health, you should also be filtering the information you are feeding it to stay healthy and positive

Stay Productive

Some of you might be in an unpleasant situation, like not having a permanent job or worst is you had lost your jobs. Regardless of the situation try to be productive daily.

Mentally Healthy be productive

If you are jobless and busy finding a new opportunity online, maybe you can give a minute of your time in researching as well some tips on you how you can improve your resume, or how you will impress the interviewer. That is practical as you are using the time by finding a job and at the same time, you are preparing yourself to get that job with a high percentage.

Try to read a good book in your spare time so you wouldn’t tempt wasting your time watching different clips from Youtube or Facebook.

Alone but not lonely

Being alone is not good for our mental health, we need someone to talk to and share our thoughts or feelings. That is how God creates mankind. But due to the deadly virus, going out of the house if not necessarily is not a wise choice. As much as you can you should stay at your home for your safety. But this doesn’t mean you should feel lonely. There are many ways for you to keep a happy relationship with your loved ones.

A virtual party is common now. Though this is not fun as much as the real get together, it helps in maintaining your social life happy and active.

Mentally Healthy virtual party

Why not set your Virtual Coffee Date with your best bud once in a while. You can still catch up with friends and have fun while not risking your safety.

Set a goal

This doesn’t mean a long-term goal, I know that many of you might be tired of planning due to a lot of uncertainties brought by the pandemic. Setting a goal can be for daily, weekly or monthly goals, don’t be pressured into thinking that goal should be always big.

Like what I mentioned above, being productive is a great way in keeping your mind healthy. According to your situation, you may set a simple goal that you would want to finish in a particular time frame. Like reading books, or maybe you would want to focus now on improving your spirituality, you can also set a goal of reading the bible, the best book that will help you remain positive.

Having a journal where you can write your thoughts, ideas and plans is a great way as well for having a healthy mind. Maybe this year is the right time for you to start having your journal.

Mentally Healthy goal setting

There are actually a lot of things you can do to stay Mentally Healthy guys. All you have to do is start now and help yourselves.

Don’t let anybody or anything stops you in prioritizing taking care of your mind. At this hard time, a good mental state is very important for you to face bravely whatever things or changes that will happen in the future.

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