Sakura Park Atok Benguet 2022

Sakura Park Atok Benguet

If you are still thinking where is the best place to go to enjoy the cold season in the Philippines you may want to include Atok Benguet in your target destinations.

During my recent trip I felt that Atok is much colder than Baguio City. Addition to that, the place is so peaceful and  it has a lot of breathtaking view.

I already shared some of the destinations we visited here in Atok, such as Northern Blossom Park, Second Highest Point Highway System and other sceneries of Atok.

In this blog you will see our last destination, it is also considerably one of the must tourist destinations here in Atok. None other than the Sakura Park.

From the transient inn we stayed in, we walked up to Sakura Park for about 40 minutes. All our efforts are worth it as this is the only park in the Philippines where you can see a Sakura trees, this is one of the reasons why you should visit Atok.

Sakura Park is a 3 hectares parks with different colorful flowers, and the highlight are the white and pink sakura trees planted here. During our visit it is not in full bloom yet, as per locals, April would be the best month to see it. Regardless, we still appreciate the beauty of the park. It is serene and simple; such a great place for meditation and relaxation.

With the ambiance, and view You can feel that you are in somewhere in Japan.

What to expect in Sakura Park?

The best time to visit here is early morning so you can see the freshness of the flowers and at the same time to smell the province’s fresh air.


Walking up here you can see  variety of crops such as cabbage, carrots and lettuce.


Living here seems so peaceful and perfect, really satisfying.

Date Visited: November 29,2022 Entrance Fee: Free as of the moment

Surely this will not be the last time I will be visiting Atok, I am grateful in this quick vacation I didn’t only got time to relax; I also found a place that I can always go back on everytime I want to stay away for a while from my busy city life.

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