Northern Blossom Flower Farm like a Paradise

Northern Blossom Flower Farm a paradise in Benguet!

Northern Blossom Flower Farm, KM 50 Sayangan, Atok, Benguet

I was speechless seeing how beautiful this place is. It is like a paradise that everyone would wish to live in and wish to have.

Date visited: November 29,2022

Northern Blossom Flower Farm is one of the must visit place here in Atok, your trip wouldn’t be satisfying if you will missed to see their colorful flowers.

From the Atok Municipality it is only few walk away – like what I’ve mentioned in my previous blog, the whole purpose of my Baguio trip is to visit Atok and see this well-known and beautiful flower farm.

I am very glad I saw the video clips about this place from one vlogger; from then my foot steps I couldn’t wait to visit this place. I wouldn’t let the year 2022 ends without visiting the Northern Blossom Flower Farm.

Thankfully I did. This place is so beautiful and relaxing, a perfect place where you can regain your well deserved inner peace.

Truly, the best medication for a stressed body and mind is the nature; this is a genuinely gift of God to mankind.

In this vacation most of my photos are taken from Northern Blossom Flower Farm, as I do no want want to missed any beautiful shot of this lovely flower farm.

I know that sharing this to you my lovely reader would be also refreshing – and I’m sure you will be encourage to visit Atok, support local travel and discover the beauty of our country soon.

Here are the beautiful sceneries you can enjoy in Northern Blossom Flower Park.

Northern Blossom Flower Farm Colorful Flowers

From Baguio we went directly here in Northern Blossom Flower Farm, it would be a struggle to enjoy the sceneries with our big back pack. Thankfully, they have a luggage’s storage where you can keep your luggages safely so you wouldn’t worry about your stuff while exploring the flower farm. Please be sure to not leave a valuable items as a reminder from the Flower Farm management.

They also offer room for rent. Unfortunately, it was already fully-booked on my preferred day, that is why we rented in another transient inn just nearby, which I will be sharing the details to you as well.

Entrance Fee inclusions

Adults (age 11-59) Php 250.00 each / Senior / PWD Php 200.00

kids (age 6-10) Php 50.00 / kids (0-5) Free

If you need a guide fee in a group, that would be additional Php 250.00


With the amount you paid , you surely can enjoy your visit here in the entire farm, additionally you will also get a free snack. A locally made brewed coffee and milky muffin will be served after your tour.

There is a souvenir’s shop where you can buy different items from wine, coffee, our favorite refrigerator magnets, and more.

The Famous Cabbage Roses         
Sunflower so pretty


Purple one of my favorites

Red, seems all the colours are here!

Violet so nice in my eyes


I am very grateful for this day! Northern Blossom Flower Farm thank you for this lovely experience.

Around 11am we left the farm happily and satisfied. Our next stop is our transients inn to leave off our luggage, then we will look for a restaurant for our lunch. We need to energize, for another must-visit destination in Atok; nothing else but the – former highest highway system in the Philippines. let’s go!

Operating days and Hours

Monday to Saturday 06:00am – 1130am / 01:00pm -0430pm (closed during Sunday)

(Details as per November 28,2022. Rates and other policies are always subject to change)

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