Second Highest Point Philippine Highway System

Second Highest Point Philippine Highway System

Atok formerly hold the highest Philippines highway system at the altitude of 7400 feet (2,255 meters) above sea level.

It is located along Halsema Highway in barangay Paoay Atok, Benguet.

Before ending the year 2022 I was blessed to witness how beautiful this place is.

From the transients inn we were staying at, we walked for about 30 minutes to the viewing deck. Sweat and pounding of heart due to long walk are all worth it as the view of Atok is really amazing.

You can ride a trycle going here From the Atok Municipality; Hubby and I chose to walk this is a great opportunity to exercise while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful view.

The view you can enjoy while walking


We knew that once we are back in our real world walking and exercising are very challenging to do.

Just be careful, as trucks, busses and other vehicles driving along Halsema highaway are fast. We made sure to walk on the safest side of the road.

Near to the highest peak, we heard a sounds of Ifugao folk rhytm. It was perfect timing, as they are not regularly there. So glad that we saw them, this is our first time to hear this sounds live.

After their performance we stay for a while in their viewing deck to enjoy this mountain view.

I feel so close with these clouds.

If I just have an enough time I would love to continue this trip to Sagada, for sure its beauty would be satistying like here in Atok.

I hope that in 2023 I would have more chance in exploring many places of our country.

Have you lke this sceneries as much as we do?

If you are thinking what else’s you can see in Benguet, below link might be helpful.

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