The Philippines battle of the Malls

Like Dubai, the shopping mall in the Philippines is all over the metro.

The concept of new malls are comparable and can compete with other countries modern buildings.

During my December 2017 vacation, I couldn’t remember how many times we went to the mall. It is either to buy some stuff or to just enjoy the day with my family.

As expected pigging out is always part of every vacation. We just accepted the fact that we will definitely gain more weight.

Hubby and I just enjoy each moment of our vacation.

I am aware that our vacation month is such a busy season in the Philippines. But I didn’t expect much that finding a parking space would be so stressful.

Good thing hubby & I brought a lot of patience.

Anyways let me tour you around guys to some of the malls I’ve been

This is is my favorite mall not because it is the prettiest. Instead, it is the closest one at home. I was really happy when I heard 2 years back that there is an upcoming SM in our town.

It is approximately 8-10 minutes drive without traffic from the gate of our house.

Honestly speaking I never thought that San Mateo province would be as busy as other cities. I remember my siblings and I childhood years we are begging our parents not to relocate back to this province.

We felt that San Mateo is a boring and scary place. That is the reason why almost 17 years of my life I was staying in the province of Cavite.

But due to some things, our family finally decided to relocate to San Mateo. We embrace and love this town since 2007 and up to now, my parents are loving this place.

Roaming around the department store I saw some items that remind me of younger years.

Shout out to 90’s babies. You are cool having this handkerchief!

The very first brand I remember buying for myself. Proud to be Parisian!

Ended the night with a tasty dinner at Eduardo’s Restaurant. Love their steaks

Every time I am having my Philippines vacation visiting Trinoma is always on my priority. Why? Because this is the most accessible mall for processing my OEC.

After processing our OEC we went for a quick snack at JCO. Finally, I got a chance to taste the original one. For sure Filipino Dubai community are aware of the success of the first JCO shop opens in Dubai. Unfortunately, they shut down according to rumors it is not a real JCO.

Anyways trying it from Manila the very first time I can feel the difference in the softness of the bread.

Their donuts are really a comfort food and something I will crave for.

With my ever dear “Papa” both of us loves sweets so much… But, pa be careful and watchful on your diet 🙂

I missed these…

Battle of the malls seems the trend in the Philippines.

I saw a lot of upcoming new malls from our province to the metro. Not sure if this is a proof that economy is getting better.

This is my first time visiting this mall my mom always say that they are here most of the weekends. They love the ambiance and the place is not that crowded.

If the weather is nice it is ideal to just hang out in the park

We had our lunch in this casual dining restaurant with a very Filipino name “barkada” nice one

It was October 2017 when they launched this mall. Actually, I don’t have any idea of this mall neither my parents are.

it just happens that my besshy whom I supposed to meet in Cubao requested to just meet here. This area is more convenient for them coming all the way from Bulacan. Thanks sis for the effort of meeting us up.

I’ve noticed that there is always an event in the malls.

Cute stuff toys I found

Nice car

Catching up with my best bud with a cup of nice coffee

After my meet up at Ayala Balintawak we headed towards Green Hills Shopping Center. It’s been a while the last time I experience a night market shopping at the Philippines.

We went here to shop for the kids’ shoes & clothes. As far as I remember this place is a good hub to find a less expensive and pratical stuff.

After checking and comparing the prices I felt that Green Hills Shopping center is no longer like before. I felt that stuff are not that cheap anymore and the price difference is not that much.

Colorful bags

The supportive grandfather

There is a mini-concert event during the time we visited the place.

One of the stalls selling street foods in the bazaar.

Growing up in the province of Cavite, Tagaytay city is our favorite weekend & holiday destination.

This is simple and best spot for nature tripping.  Houses that turns to be a restaurant business are mostly the places that tourist went to for food tripping. But now it changed as well couldn’t imagine there will be also a mall in Tagaytay.

For sure having a mall and tall condominium buildings in Tagaytay might be good economically for this province. But I couldn’t resist feeling a little bit sad as I miss the old Tagaytay.

We went here for lunch after our fun time at Peoples Park in the sky.

Honestly speaking all the foods we had in this restaurants are mouthwatering.

Their crispy pasta is really tasty & fresh

Aside from the Crispy pata we had Kare Kare, Sinigang Salmon and Pinakbet

For me, this is the only mall in the Philippines that you will not feel shy for a picture taking. Because of its new concept in the metro, many are having fun hanging out in this mall. People holding a selfie stick looks normal as many couldn’t resist taking a photo with this nice background.

Riding in that boat looks lovable with the romantic lighting.

Aside from the nice view, you will be enjoying as well shopping with different bazaars.

Before our flight back to Dubai (December 24, 2017) we passed by at SM Aura for our lunch. I love this mall especially the rooftop overlooking the below view.

Seeing this view reminds me of the Greens Tecom Dubai.

The area has a lot of high and low rise condominiums. Couldn’t imagine how much would be the rent in here.

I know my parents are just making an excuse that they want to check this mall. Since that, I still have enough time before my flight schedule they told me to stop by at this mall. It is just opposite the airport terminal 3.

We found this vibrant entrance to New Port Performing Arts Center.

Love the ceiling designs so much.

After a few minutes of roaming around, we had our coffee and ice cream in McDonald’s.

The staffs are so accommodating and welcoming.

I guess this is my saddest coffee bonding which I usually enjoy. My emotion is definitely normal no one in this world who will not feel sad leaving your aged parents behind.

Don’t want to finish yet this moment with my papa & mama I will be missing them a lot. Anyways time flies so fast we will not notice that another one year pass and we will be together again.

Stay with me guys for the upcoming blog of my Philippines vacation!

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