TomYum so Yum at Golden Fork Dubai

Nowadays massive of restaurants are available in the entire UAE, a lot of options to choose from, different style and cuisine.

For a Filipino like me, I would say that most of our favorites are accessible in this country. Many Pinoy would agree on that.

From desserts, main dishes, snacks, all that you can think are almost here. The local Filipino foods availability in the market is one of the reasons why many OFW are happy working and living here.

Philippines may be miles away from us, but this country make us feel home.

However decades ago, Filipino restaurants here are very few. You can even count them in your fingers.

Thankfully there are some restaurants that suites different nationalities taste preference.

Before we /Filipinos, enjoy this food accessibility in UAE, there is one well-known restaurants that caters our cravings.

None other than the GoldenForkRestaurant

I remember my friends and I usually had our weekend food trip in their Satwa Branch.

Though it was not 100% Pinoy taste that time, we are happy to at least enjoy our meal closed to our Asian taste bud.

One of my favorite back then is their Tom Yum. I really like it especially when I was not feeling well.

A bowl of it is good enough to cure my headache.

I share this blog as I suddenly remember my old simple days in Dubai while having lunch at Golden Fork Al Barsha two weeks back.

I think this is one of the few branches that still on operation, sadly some already closed.

Walking distance from Sharaf DG Metro Station

The TomYum taste brings me back in early 2000’s memories. So good and taste exactly the same.

Aside from TomYum, we are fan of their seafoods platter back then.

I love the calamari

So if you are around Al Barsha area and want to try again the Golden Fork Menu you are freely to go:)

The restaurant

Our Experience: Hubby and a good friend of ours enjoy the day reminiscing our younger years in Dubai.

Service: Was a little slow as there are only two waitress that time despite the restaurant is almost half full.

Food: TomYum was great and the pancit. While the seafood platter was a little dry and the tortang talong taste so plain.

Big thumbs up for this Pancit
Tortang Talong love the presentation

One of the great things that never changes from their service is their welcome corn soup and toasted bread. Great!

Ice tea

What I didn’t like that time and makes me uncomfortable is they only have one set of this condiments. Which we think unhygienic. Hope they will improve on this part.


Aside from the condiments issue our dining experience was fine and fun.

What do you think of this restaurant guys?

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