Cooking a Task I never want to be Part

For others, this is their passion, talent, a gift from Above

While for me, this is a task. A task that I never want to be part

Learning it should be easy as it runs in the blood of my family

But no matter how I tried, my taste bud seems really bad

Hubby believes in me, and always encouraging me that one day he knows I can do it

I know he really does, but behind my playful thoughts, you are just saying that so your tummy will be happy

To be an expert in this field is impossible for me, and to describe a good one is more than enough for me

I never realize that one day, without any books to read on I can manage to prepare it confidently

Seeing you eating happily, and relying on the version of my foodies looks unbelievable comparing on the first day you tried my recipe

And one day you told me, Baby you got the secret ingredient.

But then, I said you are definitely wrong! My cuisine style doesn’t have any secret at all

 it is just simply the outcome of my love, passion and promise to serve you dearly

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