My Lebanese friend loves Max’s beef sisig

One of my favorite restaurants ever since is the Max’s Restaurant, glad that it is all over UAE and most especially a few minutes away from my home, none other that the Dragon Mart 02 branch.

It is operating for more than 02 years, at first, we thought that it might not work out as it is a bit far from the center. But we are wrong, it is still there and doing great receiving a whole support from the Filipino community residing near this area.

Two of my closest office mates invited me and hubby for a dinner in Max’s restaurant Sharjah during last weekend, but we are lazy to drive all the way to that place.

So I told them that we can’t join and we are really sorry, but they are really insisting and even offered to have it in Dragon Mart branch so it would be convenient for us 🙂 it is nice to be spoiled sometimes.

They are really craving for their favorite ‘beef sisig”.

It is not a surprise anymore if that person is a Pinoy but he is not, instead he is an Arab, our Lebanese friend.

Though my husband knows him well and aware how he loves to eat a Filipino dish, this is his first time to actually witness it in person how he loves our foods.

Many would think, that he might have a Filipina girlfriend but they are wrong. Instead, this guy is surrounded by 3 Filipina colleagues who always brought a home cooked meal for lunch and every time insisting him to try it 🙂

Till he used and like the taste of our foods, and the first Filipino restaurant he tried on is Max’s in Al Ghurrair and starting then it became his favorite:)

So to satisfy his craving we ordered his favorite “beef sisig”


—Felt shy, this is my first time to tried their beef sisig as I am always going for the chicken option and no wonder why he likes it, It is really tasty and something to crave for—

We had lumpiang shanghai and Pancit lug lug for the appetizer.

So juicy grilled beef love it.

Chicken barbeque


—sorry for the blurry shot—

And of course, Max’s fried signature chicken and rice but forgot to take a photo of it.

Our meal wouldn’t be complete not ending it with a good dessert, we had turon with vanilla ice cream.

While having our dinner, he called his Lebanese fiancé through Skype to show her that he is having dinner with his Filipino friends in Filipino restaurant.

Thanks to Max’s staff in International City who assisted us, he really appreciates how entertaining and accommodating they were.

Max’s Restaurant International City
1st Floor, Next To Novo Cinemas, Dragon Mart 2, International City, Dubai

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