My Lebanese boss fell in love with Filipinas

I am working in a Lebanese-owned company, though I had various experience working with Lebanese people, but this time is quite different.

My Managing Director doesn’t have much experience working with Filipina, and no offense to our nation, as per her she doesn’t know how Philippine nationals work in corporate world, as in their country most of Filipinos are in domestic work field or working in cafe, restaurant though she like how they work in that field but never met anyone working in an office.

That is the reasons why she never hired any Filipina in her company. She is doubt in our skills and abilities. All the staff working for her are mostly Arabs and Europeans. But there is an unexpected situation that one of her staff resigned and she is desperate in finding an immediate replacement as she was overloaded of works and she is expecting new huge projects. She posted a job vacancy online forgetting to mentioned her preferred nationality, she receives a resume and it looks interesting to her, as the person who applied is well experienced in Gulf and has a good experience working in an administration job. But her concern is, the applicant is Filipina.

But she gave it a try, as she really in need of hiring immediately. The interview went well and she had decided to hire her despite few doubts. At first, she gave her the job title as an office assistant, supposed to be the role are just to assist her in liaising with suppliers and assist in filing some documents. But as we all know, Filipinos/Filipinas are hard workings and a fast learner. She didn’t expect that the Filipina can adjust and learned quickly and understood the flow of work very well. Aside from that our Kabayan shown an interest to learn and to improve since she is dedicated she got the trust of my Lebanese MD in terms of work. She was promoted and now, she is handling part of HR department/admin.

My MD admitted her mistakes that she should not judge one person abilities according to their nation. Now, she falls in love with the works of Filipinas.

She said, Filipinas are working with their hearts, the love and dedication they are giving to their work and company are beyond her expectation and she didn’t see those qualities in her previous staffs.

Because of that, when they are in need of an addition to the team, my MD informed her to look for another Filipina:) And thankfully I am the one who got the role! It is a bit pressured as well on my part, as same with the first Kabayan, I need to prove myself too and not to waste the chance of getting the confidence of our boss. Thanks to the first Kabayan who worked there, she serves as the key to give other Filipinas the chance to be part of this company. Currently, we are now in a total of 3 pinayexpats working hard and proving that our boss decisions in hiring us are right.

As per our boss, she was wrong in underestimating the power of FILIPPINI 🙂 (the way they pronounced the Philippines)

To all my Pinay co expat let’s continue proving to all that we are good in our works (I am not being nationalistic here) I am just happy at least one of the person who belittles our capacity now believes in our quality.


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