Covid Life Lesson

COVID-19 reminds me of it harder

COVID Life lessons I appreciate, this disease is moving fast, this is not my time to feel miserable!

Today is the first of my unexpected mandatory month vacation as an effect of COVID-19 in my company.

As much as I want to bury myself in sadness, dismay, and focus on negative thoughts I just decided to accept it. Not because I am ready or financially steady instead, like millions of people having the same situation just simply don’t have any choice than acceptance.

To feel down is not in my system for now, as I know worldwide are suffering from this crisis.

I just want to be grateful that in a little way hubby and I are still fine to sustain our daily needs. However, like everyone else, this will not last long. But for now, the present is most important for me, COVID is moving so fast. This is not my time to feel miserable.

If we will let the negative thoughts affect our mind who will know if we can stand further.

The companies or government decisions with this issue may not be in our hands, but our control to handle how to view things depends on us.

Just keep on moving, go with the flow of the wind, and do the best we can do to keep ourselves motivated and positive. Never lose hope that all this sorrow will end.

Due to COVID Pandemic, many people realize a lot in their life. I’ve seen a lot of good messages, articles from social media what they learned from this situation.

In my case though, I already knew these lessons even before, but COVID reminds me of it harder.

Comfortable – COVID Life Lessons 01

“To not feel so comfortable in life, everything in this world is temporary”

  • No jobs or positions are stable. No matter how low or high earner you are, You are affected by this crisis. From the lowest to highest job position all are worrying of losing it. COVID didn’t exempt anyone.
Optimistic– COVID Life Lessons 02

“I learned that for people to survive these hard, sad situations we always need to keep the positivity in our heart. That is the best we can give ourselves so we can pursue to fight and move forward.

  • Ours, Families and loved one’s life, good health are the many reasons we should be grateful.
  • Many might be lack of essentials but let’s pray in some ways, unexpected help will come along their way.
  • Guard our Mind and Heart to keep the feeling of Hope is alive.
Vigilant– COVID Life Lessons 03

“According to the vocabulary – keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties”

Being vigilant will help us a lot to survive for any possible hard situations. I started to hear the COVID-19 issue at the beginning of January, at first I was not paying that much attention. Being vigilant helps me a lot to plan every step I’m doing.

  • When I went for an emergency leave last January to accompany my father’s operation my mind was actually stressed out. But I keep myself as much as possible connected to the world and updated to what is happening around me. I read that COVID is getting worst. I made sure to be extra careful in my health and parents’ health while we are in hospital for a week.

That time alcohol and hand sanitizers are still easy to find in Manila. Not everyone is being paranoid about sanitizing their hands frequently. As a result of my research by reading a lot of articles. I learned as early as that about the importance of sanitizing “time to time”. As per medical professionals’ studies, regular sanitation fights to get an infection from COVID. And that’s what I applied for all of us.

Though having alcohol is always part of my life wherever I go, for sure there are instances that I am not aware of being unhygienic. I might be doing some things that prone to getting viruses, we never know. Thankfully we survive that period in good health condition till we reach home

  • Being vigilant helps me to travel back to Dubai hassle-free. I actually already extended my leave for an extra 10 days due to my father’s condition but I know my husband also needs me. So I made sure that all will be ready on my new flight date.

Few days after I reach the UAE, many airports worldwide became so strict. Flights neither canceled or postponed. A lot of changes happened in terms of traveling from the Philippines and entering UAE especially if you have any connecting flight in the affected countries. Watching the news that time gives me actually goosebumps, I was thankful I manage to return back and see papa at the same time.

  • For the first months of 2020 being watchful in our spending was really hard and challenging. In the time that many realize how COVID will affect the economy badly, I hurriedly make a plan in our fund’s allocation. I envision that we might face a salary cut or unexpected mandatory work leave base on my observation of how COVID affects the business. That time I am taking action due to my worries however in denial that it will actually happen. But look at me now, I am now on my month leave.

Worrying too much for the future is not really healthy as it will give us unnecessary anxiety. We just need to balance how we view situations and be attentive, it will help us to handle any circumstances wisely.

Intelligent– COVID Life Lessons 04

“Psalm22:3 The shrewd one sees the danger and conceals himself, But the inexperienced keep right on going and suffer the consequences”

-The bible is definitely right. If all people will be intelligent enough to handle things the COVID health crisis may not be worst as this. But human intelligence has limitations compared to our Creator. Most of us, the best we can do to show our intelligence at this time is not based on our educational or career-high achievement. Instead, a simple “Follow” all the safety instruction given by the government will be helpful for all.

Stay home when they say stay home. Health and life are more important now.

Discipline– COVID Life Lessons 05

“Starts with ourselves, to be practice by all no one should be exempted.”

  • With this crisis, I learned more about the value of discipline. This was actually taught in the school since we were little. But why there are many people who are not practicing it? we can see from many news even the most educated people don’t have self-discipline. This actually adds sadness and dismay for all. This reminds me that I need to work hard in assessing myself if I am practicing discipline in all aspects of my life. I do not want to affect other lives badly for not applying this principle.

For all the guys out there like me stuck at home for the coming days let’s not be Comfortable in our situation. If something really bad happens in our present work, be Optimistic that everything will be better, don’t give up. Be Vigilant and think as early as now the next plan in an Intelligent and Disciplined way.

Keep safe everyone!

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